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The United States is the fourth largest country globally, making it the third-most populous country globally. This breadth and cultural diversity make it difficult for immigrants to enter the country to dream of a better job and life. If you are planning to live in the USA, you need to know the specifications of different states to make a better choice. Alaska is one of the states that is a good option for living due to its vastness and wealth, and it is useful for you to know the geographical features and conditions of buying a house in it. If you are planning to buy a house and stay in Alaska, we suggest the Last follow.

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About Alaska

Alaska is a wealthy state because of its rich oil and mineral resources, which provide an annual oil check for those who prove they intend to stay there permanently. The state has special geographical conditions that make it one of the coldest places globally. The day and night cycles in some parts of the state are slightly different, which has made residents experience special living conditions.

Some parts of Alaska can drop below 30 degrees Celsius during the winter, necessitating special heating equipment. The state capital is Juneau, with a population of nearly 740,000 in Alaska. There are many mountain ranges, glaciers, and lakes throughout the state that make it pristine and beautiful.

The United States bought the region from Russia in 1867 for $ 7.2 million and added it to its divisions as one of the last states. Most of the area’s residents are white and Christian. Alaska residents have a higher-than-average education in the United States, and Alaska State University in Fairbanks has a vast research center unique in the Northeast. There is another university in Anchorage that is highly regarded in the United States and around the world.

People in this area care about their health and often prefer to walk to work. It isn’t easy to travel to some parts of Alaska during the off-season, which is why snowmobiles are so popular in this area. Common means of transportation in the Alaska subway are taxis, buses, and a Volkswagen Golf car. The amenities and urban services of this region of the United States are at a high level, and it has happy people who enjoy its natural beauties. If you plan to live in this area, you should research the geographical conditions of different cities because you have to assess whether you can adapt to the environment or not.

Buy a house in Alaska

House prices vary from city to city in Alaska based on amenities, building materials, and property conditions. Taxes are relatively low in Alaska, which increases your chances of becoming a homeowner in the area.

You can now find out about cultural features, living conditions, and house prices in different Alaskan cities with a simple internet search. Still, this information is not enough to buy a house and invest. If you live in this area for a while, you can make better decisions. Buying a home in Alaska is usually a long-term investment with no material benefits in the short term. Still, it is very useful for the well-being of family members and a sense of belonging to the new country.

Note that under U.S. law, buying property in this country is open to the public. Anyone with a student or tourist visa can purchase or invest in a home in this country. If you want to buy a permanent residence in the United States, you have not chosen a good way, and buying a house in Alaska will not guarantee to get a residency in this country. - Top Iranian Realtors

How to Buy a Home in Alaska?

For buying a home in Alaska, it is best to determine the city of your choice first. Finding the right job and a steady income is very important for you to continue living anywhere in the United States. Examine the city’s different neighborhoods to see which ones are suitable in terms of amenities, and with the budget you have available, you can buy a house there.

The cost of renting and buying a property in Alaska

The cost of renting a one-bedroom property in the cities of Alaska is about $ 1,000 to $ 1,200, and if you rent a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of a large city, you should pay an average of $ 600 to $ 900.

The cost of renting a large three-bedroom apartment in downtown Alaska is $ 1,800 to $ 3,500, and the cost of the same apartment around cities and towns is $ 1,300 to $ 1,800.

Alaska’s cities cost between $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 per square meter. This rate varies depending on the economic and political conditions, and as you read, this may differ slightly from the prices at the time of writing.

Iranian Realtors in Alaska

You can find the best Iranian Realtors in Alaska with a simple search. Usually, city residents are the best guide; good real estate consultants are motivated and persistent and have access to good information resources.

Choose a counselor with whom you can communicate well and easily discuss all your needs. Do not forget that the final decision is with you, so try to weigh all aspects of the work to make a good choice.

The best cities in Alaska for living - Persian Dating App

Alaska is a vast state that is larger than many European countries, so it isn’t easy to find a good place to live, and you should know the best cities in Alaska before doing anything.


It is the capital of Alaska, which is very close to Canada, the state of British Columbia, and shares a border. Gold was discovered in 1880, and the core of the city’s inhabitants were gold diggers. It is the capital of the state but does not have many connections to other U.S. states. The crime rate in this area is very low, and it has a calm, beautiful, and natural environment for living. Most of the area residents know each other well, and there are many job opportunities.


The city is famous for its university, and many people interested in continuing their education live in this area. The area has a population of 50,000, and, like Juneau, the core of the population is made up of gold diggers. The city later developed good amenities alongside the university. Some Iranian students have also studied at Fairbanks University.


It is located in western Alaska and has been known as one of the most important cities for many years. It is inhabited by about 5,000 people who live together peacefully. Beautiful natural scenery and high security are some of the attractions of life in this city.


Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city, formed and developed around a railway station. The reason for the growth and development of this city is the existence of oil and gas resources, which has turned it into an industrial area and has many job opportunities. People from all over the United States travel to this region to see natural beauty, and it has an advanced tourism industry. The university, the international airport, the hospital, the transit center, and the Museum of History and Art are the city’s main centers.


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