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Life in Beverly Hills is a dream that many Iranians have achieved and many others strive to achieve. Beverly Hills is the famous city of the wealthy Los Angeles, which is also home to many famous and successful Iranians living in the United States. If immigration to the United States is an attempt to find a good job, a better life, and success, reaching the top of this path means living in Beverly Hills. If you plan to live in this aristocratic neighborhood, you need to know everything about it, and reading this article will help you in this regard.

About Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a city near Los Angeles, California, USA, 7 km far from downtown Los Angeles. Beverly Hills is an aristocratic area in western Los Angeles inhabited by many famous and wealthy Americans.

More than 20% of this area’s residents are Iranians, and Iranians own more than 20% of the property in this area. About half of the students in this area also have Iranian roots, making it one of the main focus areas for Iranians living in the United States.

Due to the critical and influential role that the Iranians played in developing this area of ​​Los Angeles, part of it knows as Tehran Geles and Little Iran. Iranians play an essential role in governing this region. In addition to being some members of the Iranian city council, the mayor of Beverly Hills has been elected several times by the Iranian population.

Americans have always considered Beverly Hills as one of America’s most expensive cities to experience the best amenities and the highest standard of living.

The Iranian population’s concentration in this area, the numerous Iranian shops where can easily find all Iranian goods and brands, and the countless cultural centers belonging to the Iranians are undeniable attractions of life in Beverly Hills.

What are the benefits of buying a home in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills villas are beautiful, luxurious, and modern and have all the amenities of a family need. Also, in this city, you can find many beautiful apartments and suitable conditions. - Top Iranian Realtors

If we want to make a list of the most fashionable and expensive houses globally, we must locate some of Beverly Hills.

The best private and public schools are in Beverly Hills, which has the latest educational and welfare facilities globally. To buy a home in Beverly Hills, you need to identify the tradable items through realtors and buy the best thing that fits your situation after doing the necessary checks.

Do not forget that the cost of renting a property or buying a house in Beverly Hills may be expensive. Still, the credit it brings you, and the opportunity to meet and socialize with famous Los Angeles families allows you to build a brand for yourself and your business. Increase the scope of your communication with influential people.

How to buy a house in Beverly Hills?

The number of Iranian Realtors in the United States is high, and we can say that Beverly Hills is one of the places where this number is most concentrated. They do their best to introduce you to the best home to live in.

Although the law is the same everywhere in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills luxury apartments’ management also has specific conditions for issuing a residence permit. Only qualified persons are allowed to buy the property.

Buying a home in Beverly Hills is a long-term investment, and the value of the property has been rising over the years. The steps are as follows: with your real estate consultant’s help, you check the houses’ various files for sale and select the desired property. Negotiating pricing is an essential part of buying a home that does with a good consultant. Next, you need to investigate whether there is a legal problem with the home exchange, such as home debt. Finally, you register your application in one of the notaries, and after paying the transfer fees, property tax, and other legal fees, the document registration process begins. You have to pay the landlord to have the document officially registered in your name; the process usually takes less than a month. If you get a bank loan to buy a home, the process will be a little longer.

Suppose you plan to obtain permanent residency in the United States by purchasing a home in Beverly Hills. In that case, we must remind you that by law, all foreigners can buy property in the United States with any passport, even a tourist one, but no guarantee of granting There is no permanent residence for these people.

How much does it cost to buy and rent a property in Beverly Hills?

The cost of renting a small one or two-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills is between $ 3 and $ 4,700. In most cases, rents receive every week. Renting large 3-bedroom and larger apartments are sometimes up to twice that amount. Renting a villa is also very expensive, sometimes up to $ 27,600. - Persian Dating App

You should also consider a reasonable budget to buy a house in this luxurious and aristocratic area. Apartments start at $ 1 million and vary depending on the apartment’s size, the location, the materials used, and the facilities. Buying the cheapest villas usually starts at $ 3 million, and luxury villas are costly and have astronomical prices. Of course, there are always particular circumstances. It may be possible to buy or rent a home in Beverly Hills with a lower budget but to achieve this goal; you should have a thorough search and get help from experienced and skilled real estate consultants.

What services do Iranian realtors provide in Beverly Hills?

Realtors’ job is to introduce the latest items and files available for buying and renting real estate. The best Iranian Realtors in Beverly Hills are up to date with the latest items available for sale and rent due to access to comprehensive systems faster than others. In addition to speaking with you, Iranian counselors acquaint you with Iranian families’ cultural conditions and needs, helping you choose the best available.

The terms and conditions of buying and selling property change over time, and you may not be aware of it; getting help from real estate consultants helps you get the results you want much faster while getting acquainted with the rules.

There are currently many sites that offer sale or rent items, but more internet search is more appropriate to know the price range. If you want to negotiate better with the seller and the owner, Iranian realtors can help you better than anyone else.

80% of property buyers go to the Internet at least once to search for a home. Many companies offer their services on the Internet. However, face-to-face negotiations and visits are still an essential part of the home business that requires expert consultants. If you want to buy or rent your house in a principled way and with the least amount of risk, the best solution is to get help from Iranian realtors in Beverly Hills who have received legal documents.

What are the best Beverly Hills neighborhoods to live in?

Here are some of Beverly Hills’ most famous areas.


Westwood is an area west of Los Angeles that is practically the most famous part of Beverly Hills. Other notable parts of this area, such as Tehran Gesles or Rodeo Street, are also part of Westwood. We can see the most luxurious buildings with high prices in this area, multi-star restaurants with excellent facilities are other features of this area. Buying a home in this area requires a lot of money.

Tehran Geles

The intersection of Westwood Boulevard and Wilkins Street is known as Tehran Geles or Little Iran. This area is almost independent in the heart of Westwood and has the most luxurious Iranian shops. When walking in this area, you can see all kinds of Iranian goods and commodities, and it is fascinating near Nowruz and New Year.

The good thing about living in this area is that in addition to being in the atmosphere of Iranian culture and seeing shop signs often written in Persian, you can build your life without feeling homesick.

Rodeo Drive

This boulevard is one of the most fashionable areas of Beverly Hills, which is world-famous for having the most stylish and expensive shops. Many people visit this boulevard every year to buy luxury and precious gifts for their loved ones or buy the goods they need.

Everything on this boulevard tie to the word luxury, and usually, in this area, you can see celebrities and celebrities who are walking and shopping.

Los Angeles means the city of angels, and if you want to identify a place in this city as the most notable area, Beverly Hills must have a special place among the people of this area.


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