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The United States has 50 states, each with its advantages and disadvantages for living. In general, the United States is one of the most developed countries globally and is a good option for work and life. Optimal welfare facilities, a high standard of living, and equal job opportunities have made this country one of the main destinations for immigrants worldwide. Many successful Iranians work and live in this country, which shows a way to succeed through work and effort. Calabasas is one of the most famous and luxurious parts of Los Angeles, which is nothing less than Beverly Hills. Many successful people live in this area, and buying a house in it is a dream of many. If you plan to buy a house and live in this area, reading this article will help you.

About Calabasas

Calabasas is one of the cities near Los Angeles, located in California, and has become famous recently. The area is full of chic and aristocratic villas, with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, and Selena Gomez living there and contributing to its growing fame. Will Smith and his family, children of Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, have also lived in the city for some time.

The West Valley is full of chic villas, most of which were built before the US recession of recent years. The people of this region’s per capita income are much higher than the United States’ average. For this reason, it is considered an aristocratic area. Still, the minimum population of poor people who are less than 10% also living in parts of this city; their living conditions are below the poverty guidelines. If you are interested in living in this area, you should know that there are ordinary houses with medium prices in this city. Still, the high media focus on luxury and expensive homes in Calabasas has made many unaware of their existence. In recent years, the media has compared Calabasas to the best Beverly Hills neighborhoods.

Native Indians have inhabited the area in the past, and some Spanish explorers first discovered the place. Some oak trees in this area are more than 700 years old. With the widespread use of cars, the area became a movie theater location and a beautiful roadside resort. The city was identified as part of Greater Los Angeles in 1991 and houses large cake factories.

Calabasas is a quiet suburb west of the San Fernando Valley that is a secret gem for family life. In recent years, the city has taken special security measures to protect the privacy and, therefore, is a top place for world-famous and wealthy people’s lives. Immigrating to Calabasas is the best option for you to choose the best place to live in Southern California. The cost of buying and renting a property in San Diego is not comparable to Calabasas. If you do not have a good income, buying a house in this area will not be very economical for living.

What are the attractions of buying a home in Calabasas?

The main reason why people choose to buy a house in Calabasas is because of the quiet and sparsely populated area of ​​this place, making it the best choice for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The municipality has created privacy for the area, and city residents can safely walk in a safe and quiet neighborhood and participate in small local festivals. There are first-class international schools in the city that are an excellent option for education. If we consider Los Angeles to be the best place to see celebrities, Calabasas is a place to live next. The houses’ general shape in this city is similar to the aristocratic houses around the world, houses with marble floors, decorative stairs, and large courtyards with beautiful views. Of course, not all Calabasas villas and houses look like this, but this luxury image has shaped people’s general mentality towards this region.

Buy a house in Burbank is different from Calabasas. In addition to a lot of money, you have to have credit to buy a house in this area. Iranian realtors in the United States also operate in Calabasas and can advise people who are planning to buy a home in the area to make better choices.

In a word, Calabasas is luxury, and living in it allows you to form and develop your relationships with celebrities.

Explain how to buy a home in Calabasas

For buying a house in Calabasas, the best option is to get help from an Iranian realtor. Advertisements for the sale of many homes in this area are not posted on sites, but real estate consultants know about them and guide you. In Calabasas, there are numerous amenities for the whole family. Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in the area. There are multiple restaurants throughout the city, including Mexican restaurants.

Housing in this area is governed by California law. You should choose your desired property with Iranian realtors who speak your language and are familiar with your cultural needs. Agree with the landlord and then check that the house does not have legal problems such as bank debt for the transaction.

Pay taxes and other legal costs of transferring the property, and eventually, the house will be in your name in one of the notaries. The process takes less than a month, and if you want to buy a house on credit, the work may take a little longer.

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Remember that buying a home in the United States is not a guarantee of permanent residency. By law, anyone with any passport, including a tourist, can buy a home in the United States, but this does not mean that their residency application will be accepted.

How much does it cost to buy and rent a property in Calabasas?

Due to the short distance, we can compare the cost of buying and renting a property in Los Angeles to Calabasas. The price of buying a house in Calabasas’ aristocratic neighborhoods is millions of dollars, and in some cases, they make fun of billions. There are some more common neighborhoods where house prices are close to the average US house rate that are less well known. If you have a decision to live in this area, you need to search a little more and be sure to seek the help of real estate experts.

The average rent in Calabasas is between $ 3,500 and $ 7,500 a month, but villas cost far more, and sometimes a month’s rent for some villas can be as high as $ 23,000 to $ 27,000, although some people are willing to pay.

The average cost of buying a custom home or villa is between $ 350,000 and $ 1.5 million. Considering the wide range of options available when building a custom home, cost estimates can be difficult. In general, the cost is between $ 100 and $ 400 per square foot.

What services do Iranian realtors in Calabasas provide?

To find the best Iranian realtors in Calabasas, all you have to do is do a simple search on the Internet or visit the Iranian gathering centers in Calabasas and ask them about this.

In general, buying a house in San Francisco is much easier than in Calabasas because by searching on Iranian realtor sites, you can determine the price range and see at least a few items to buy or rent. Although consulting with real estate consultants is always a better option, it is necessary to use real estate consultants in Calabasas. Because the privacy laws in this city are strictly observed, you can’t easily find various rental and sale options.

With the comprehensive real estate system’s access, the consultants must introduce you to the various sale and rental options and be by your side at all stages to find the house you want.

Consultants are responsible for negotiating with both parties to the exchange so that you can reach a reasonable price agreed upon by both parties. In vacant homes, the real estate consultant holds the house key and accompanies you to the house, and arranges a small tour for you to visit.

Communicating with Persian language consultants is much more comfortable, and you can easily share everything you need to introduce you to the desired options.

Where are the best neighborhoods in Calabasas for a living?

Each city is made up of different neighborhoods, each with its conditions and facilities for living. The cost of buying and renting a property in each area varies based on geographical location and facilities. For example, by studying Irvine neighborhoods, you can determine the price range and the best| place to live. In this section, we will introduce you to some of the most famous Calabasas areas so that you can choose more easily.


The cost of living in this neighborhood is 47% higher than the average in California. The crime rate in this neighborhood is meager due to strict security measures. House prices are 176 times higher than the California average, and rents in the area are 69 percent higher than the California average. This expensive area is lovely and has very stylish and luxurious houses. Sparsely populated areas where people live together in peace.

Hidden Hills

Made in imitation of Beverly Hills and controlled by various security cameras. Many celebrities choose this area for life because of its high security, beauty, and privacy. The presence of celebrities has always made the region the focus of the news media and the paparazzi. Jennifer Lopez lived in Hayden Hills for some time when she married Mark Anthony. Many prominent musicians and actors have also lived here. Hayden Hills is 30 minutes from Los Angeles.

In recent years, Calabasas has managed to overtake Beverly Hills in some cases and topped Beverly Hills in the list of the best and most expensive areas of California published by reputable magazines. As the purchase price of a house in this area is very high, its cost is also very high. If you have just arrived in the United States, it may be better to go to cheaper neighborhoods for work and life. Still, suppose you have the right financial conditions. In that case, Calabasas for a living is a great environment where all family members can live in peace and security and take full advantage of its recreational and welfare facilities.

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