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The United States has long been a destination for many Iranian immigrants who have come to the country for various reasons. According to history, the first Iranian immigrant to officially receive US citizenship was Mirza Mohammad Ali Mahallati, nicknamed “Haj Sayyah,” who arrived in the United States via New York in 1875 after traveling around the world. A California District 12 court granted his citizenship.

One of the intellectual concerns for those who are thinking of immigrating to the United States, especially those who do not have a friend or family member in the United States to join or are looking to start living somewhere else, is choosing a place to live in this country. The United States is a vast country with 50 different states that differ in climate, diversity of nature and culture, and other races. America’s vastness makes it difficult for many who do not already know where they want to live to choose a place to live.

One of these destinations is California, which is currently home to a large number of Iranians.

About California

California is located in the western part of the United States on the Pacific coast. It is bordered on the east by Arizona and Nevada, on the north by Oregon, and the south by Baca, California, Mexico. California has about four hundred and twenty-four square kilometers and a population of thirty-nine million one hundred and fifty people. The state capital is Sacramento, and its largest city is Los Angeles. California’s economy is based on the information technology and computer industry and has a very high GDP.

Major and important cities in California

  • Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Riverside, Stockton, Irvine, Chula Vista, Fremont, San Bernardino, Modesto, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Santa Clarita, Oxnard, Glendale, Huntington Beach, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Santa Rosa, Oceanside, Elk Grove, Garden Grove, Corona, Hayward, Lancaster, Salinas, Palmdale, Sunnyvale, Pomona, Escondido, Torrance, Roseville, Pasadena, Orange, Fullerton, Visalia, Santa Clara, Concord, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Victorville, Vallejo

The best cities in California to live in

If you plan to go to California but still do not know which city to live in, we will help you find the city you are looking for in this article. - Top Iranian Realtors


Irvine is located in Orange County, California. Irvine is a prosperous city known for its convenient job market, family-friendly atmosphere, safe environment, and favorable climate. Also, Irvine’s city is an exception due to its many facilities and a stable housing market. This city in Southern California is the third happiest place to live in America.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city for dreamers. This vast metropolis of California is attractive to everyone and has something to offer. From the Hollywood Hall of Fame to the various Hollywood production studios in Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles is also the hub of the US film and entertainment industry. This city also has a very high ranking for living due to its numerous facilities, sunny weather, and a stable housing market. Los Angeles is an excellent place for people to enjoy being outdoors, world-class restaurants, and a genuinely international atmosphere.

Population: Los Angeles is estimated to have a population of 4 million and is the most famous city in California.

Average Home Price: At the time of writing, the median home price for a Los Angeles home is $ 825,000.

San Diego

San Diego is, without a doubt, one of the best beach towns in California for its warm climate, great restaurants, and unique beaches. It is also the seventh-happiest place to live in the United States. The city of San Diego is one of the top 22 places to live in this country and the state of California due to its vastness and many outdoor recreational areas, distinctive neighborhoods, high quality of life, and healthy job market. San Diego is a perfect city, with good facilities, sunny weather, and a stable housing market.

Population: San Diego, the second-largest city in California and the eighth-largest city in the country, has 1,339,000.

Average home price: At the time of writing, the median home price for a home in San Diego is $ 680,000. - Persian Dating App

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in the United States, especially for its Golden Gate Bridge and electric subway trains. People looking for a bustling urban environment, great restaurants, and a thriving job market can look for these in San Francisco. It has recently been named the fourth happiest place to live in the United States and the 34th top city in the United States for job seekers. San Francisco is also rated high because of its stable housing market, high per capita income, good weather, and amenities.

Population: San Francisco, California’s fourth most populous city, is estimated at 860,000.

Average home price: At the time of writing, the median home price in San Francisco is $ 1.3 million.

San Jose

Those looking for a happy and healthy place to prepare a home will find it in San Jose. According to the latest study, this city in California is the second most comfortable place to live in the United States. It ranks first in the United States because of its overall emotional and physical health. It is also great for a quiet life, with good amenities, sunny weather, and a stable housing market. The city’s strong labor market and dramatic population growth are two other reasons for this, which in 2017 made the city of San Jose the third best place to live in the United States.

Population: San Jose, the tenth-largest city in the United States, is estimated to be 1,000,536.

Average house price: At the time of writing, the median home price for a home in San Jose is $ 788,000.

Mill Valley

The city is located 14 miles from San Francisco and is an exceptional place to live and buy a home due to its amenities, stable housing market, and low crime rate. The city’s many parks, beautiful surroundings, and proximity to San Francisco make it a popular choice for San Francisco travelers. Recently, Mill Valley, as one of the safest cities in the state of California, as well as having some of the leading public schools, has attracted attention.

Population: The estimated population of Mill Valley is 13,903.

Average house price: At the time of writing, the median home price for a house in Mill Valley is $ 1.6 million.

Palo Alto

While owning a home in Palo Alto is sure to cost you dearly, the people of Northern California tell you that these homes are worth buying. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the city is an excellent place for a large number of manufacturing companies, famous family museums, and schools. With its sunny weather, excellent facilities, perfect education system, and low crime rate, this city are considered one of the best places to live in California. It has recently named Palo Alto one of the top 10 cities in North America for families.

Population: The estimated population of Palo Alto is 64,403.

Average home price: At the time of writing, the median home price for a home in Palo Alto is $ 2.4 million.

Santa Monica

Throughout the year, sunny weather, walking streets, and proximity to Los Angeles make Southern California a great seaside town for residents. For several years, the city of Santa Monica has been selected as one of the top 100 places to live in the United States. In 2016, the city’s vibrant center was chosen in the top 10 centers in the town in terms of life. Although the housing market in this city is expensive, the city of Santa Monica attracts a large population due to its excellent amenities, spectacular beaches, and warm weather.

Population: The estimated population of Santa Monica is 89,763.

Average house price: At the time of writing, the median home price for a house in Santa Monica is $ 2 million.

Santa Rosa

People who love different foods and drinks can find their favorite and exciting drinks in Santa Rosa. Located right in the north of San Francisco, it is a quiet city, a great place to live, and a house. The city of Santa Rosa has fantastic restaurants, great shops, a sustainable housing market, and a sunny climate with excellent advanced facilities. The city of Santa Rosa is also known as the ninth happiest place to live in the United States for providing emotional health and physical well-being to its residents.

Population: The population of Santa Rosa is estimated at 167,815.

Average house price: At the time of writing, the median home price for a house in Santa Rosa is $ 599,000.

Buy a house in California

In the past, in the United States, investing in buying corporate stocks was more popular than buying real estate and cars because the idea of ​​a return on profits was more than the money. The return on investment has always been higher than the purchase of property and vehicles, and it was well adapted to the inflation rate.

Buy a house in the US and get a residence permit

Buying a property or car in the United States will not result in a residence permit. You will not have any restrictions on purchasing a property in the United States, and you will be able to buy a house in the United States with a tourist visa and other types of visas.

If you are buying a property or car in the United States, you will only be able to live in the United States for a few months with a tourist visa, so if you are planning to stay in the United States, there are other ways to do so.

How to buy a house In California?

When you first arrive in the United States, it is best to rent an apartment and research your surroundings to buy a property, which is economically viable, cost-effective, taxes to be paid, and so on.

Since there is no restriction on buying property for individuals, with a tourist visa to the United States and purchase property, you will be allowed to stay in this country for six months. If you want to buy a house in California and need help in this work, you can easily count on Iranian real estate agents in California and facilitate this process.

Required documents to buy a property

Documents required to purchase a home in California include a personal income tax identification number, a valid foreign passport, a visa, and several photo ID cards. After buying a property, people must pay real estate taxes, and the rate varies across the United States, ranging from 0 to 40 percent. Buying a property in California does not require your presence, and your legal representative can also buy a home in the United States.

Property purchase costs

Buying and renting a property in California varies depending on the building’s size, whether it is new or old, and the location and currency fluctuations. Renting an apartment in California can range from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 or more per month, but this number will also vary depending on the property’s properties and location. Buying a home in California starts at $ 200,000 per square foot, which varies from place to place, depending on the circumstances described.


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