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Choosing a place to live in the United States is complicated, with 50 states with different characteristics making the decision a bit more complicated. One of the selected Iranian states is California, and many Iranians live in other cities. Glendale is one of those cities that is a good option for living due to its proximity to Los Angeles. Living conditions in this city are favorable for Iranian families, and Glendale’s welfare facilities are standard. In this article, we have tried to gather the important and significant points that will come in handy when buying or renting a property in Glendale so that you can make an easier decision by reading it.

About Glendale

More than 40% of the population of Glendale is Armenian. Due to the many years of Iranians and Armenians’ peaceful lives, good relations established between them, and they have a good life. Many of the city’s residents are Armenians who consider themselves of Iranian descent.

All kinds of shops, Iranian goods, laundry, living items, and everything an Iranian need is readily available in Glendale.

The city is located in northwest Los Angeles and has two main boulevards, all of which are covered with tall palm trees and create a beautiful view. Glendale is a foothill town with a relatively mild climate. The distance between Los Angeles and Glendale is 10 km, and for the route between Los Angeles and Glendale, you have to drive 15 km.

As you walk around the corner of the city, you will hear Armenians’ voices talking to each other in their sweet accents.

Glendale used to be famous for its shopping malls, but now this suburb of Los Angeles is famous for its safe and comfortable living environment, and if you want to experience a relaxing life with your loved ones, it is the right choice. Many people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles choose this place to live.

Glendale is one of the best places to live in California. Living in this city gives a good feeling of living in a private suburban area to the residents, and most of its houses rented. The city is known for being liberal, and its public schools are highly rated.

What is the benefit of buying a property in Glendale? - Top Iranian Realtors

The city surrounds by beautiful scenery and allows you to hike in the mountains around the city. There are many rugged grounds around the town covered with wildflowers. Hiking and cycling are very popular in these areas and parks of the city.

If you decide to live in Glendale, you can visit the collection of diverse and exotic galleries and museums. Listen to live music at sunset and enjoy a variety of nationwide restaurants spread throughout the city. Thanks to Armenians’ presence, barbecues are always on the way, Cuban restaurants offer a variety of their favorite dishes, and you can also find Iranian restaurants in the city.

The city is growing and experiencing a favorable economic situation. By buying a property in Glendale, you can not only live in a good and growing environment but also have a long-term investment for your family members.

In general, it can say that Glendale is a prosperous city where nightlife takes place, and its numerous and beautiful shopping malls attract the eyes of every viewer. With these conditions, it is not surprising that California’s most expensive cities for potential home buyers are not surprising.

Glendale is one of the ten safest cities in the United States. Urban security is the result of urban management focusing on education, civic participation, and improving life quality.

How to buy a house in Glendale?

Iranian Realtors are familiar with your cultural and social needs. Because of the common language, you can easily express your wishes to them. In addition to this method, you can see the available houses for sale and rent by searching the internet sites. While studying the conditions, you can get acquainted with the price limits in different city areas.

After choosing your favorite house, you need to check the conditions well. Usually, the homes that need to renovate are cheaper and can design it to your liking.

The US federal government and the state of California govern property laws in this city. If your goal in buying a home is to get permanent residency in the United States, we must tell you that there is no guarantee. Under US law, all nationals from different countries can buy a home to invest in the United States as long as they have a passport, but there is no guarantee that they will receive residency.

Residents of each neighborhood have a particular interest in their place. They may prefer their home to a noble and expensive neighborhood, so you should check out the different neighborhoods to see which conditions are best for you and your family. - Persian Dating App

After selecting the desired neighborhood and house, it is time to complete the legal steps of transferring the document. By law, you require to pay taxes and pay all the costs of moving the document. After the legal process, the house will be officially in your name.

Ensure the property you are buying has no problems with the document’s legal transfer or that the bank does not mortgage the property. You can get help from a legal advisor to go through all the legal steps.

How much does it cost to buy and rent a property in Glendale?

Glendale has relatively high health and wellness rates, making it one of California’s most expensive cities. The cost of buying a home on this property is higher than the US average.

The average house price in Glendale is $ 845,500. Housing prices in the city have risen nearly 35 percent over the past ten years. Tenants make up more than 60 percent of the city’s population, and the cost of renting a property is just over $ 1,000 to $ 8,000.

What do Iranian realtors do in Glendale?

Finding the best Iranian Realtors in Glendale is not tricky; ask a few residents or find them through the internet and local advertisements.

A good counselor, regardless of age or background, is very active and energetic, and you can see his or her ongoing efforts to help yourself. By choosing an excellent and knowledgeable consultant, you can speed up the purchase of your property.

What are the best neighborhoods in Glendale for a living?

Glendale has different neighborhoods with various facilities, some of which we will try to help you choose better with real estate consultants.

Downtown Glendale

You have access to all amenities in the city center, and you can meet all your basic needs on foot. If you are a fan of privacy and using a strong security system, this neighborhood is a good choice for you. Many people in retirement age choose this neighborhood because of the security and convenient facilities for living.

Adams Hill

The natives of this city choose this neighborhood for life because of its privacy and beautiful scenery. You can do a lot of exciting things in this neighborhood. After the city center, this neighborhood is the best place for the elderly and families to live. The parks of this neighborhood are very suitable for walking, and you will have good access to the train station.

Verdugo Woodlands

Verdugo Woodlands is one of the most popular neighborhoods for home shopping. The neighborhood schools are excellent, and you will have access to Verdugo Park or Stengel Fields in this area. If you are an extroverted person and you like to socialize, this neighborhood is very suitable. The community is intertwined, and the living environment of this neighborhood smells of life.


Everyone loves Montrose. In this area, you can find the best local restaurants and boutiques. If you are a fan of living in small towns and neighborhoods, Montrose is the best choice for you. Many parts of this neighborhood are unknown, and you have to spend some time to find a house in it, but believe us, it is worth the time.


Attractive Nitely Park is one of the beauties of this area. We must say that this area is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Glendale. You can find some of the most beautiful houses built in Spanish colonial architecture and enjoy the beauty of old and stylish buildings in this area.

La Canada

This neighborhood is a luxurious and suitable option for the rich who avoid living in crowded urban areas. It’s the quiet and beautiful environment is a good choice for people who are looking for peace.


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