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It is not easy to enter the United States and receive permanent residency. Still, the many attractions of working and living in this developed country of the world attract many immigrants every year. Iranians make up a small but successful population of America who has done a lot of mutual service to each other. Iranians are scattered throughout the country, but most live in California. Hawaii is one of the special states of the United States with special working and living conditions where the population of Iranians living is minimal. If you would like to buy a house in Hawaii and live in this state, reading this article is useful.

About Hawaii

Hawaii is the 50th largest state in the United States, consisting of eight main islands and several islands of various sizes, some of which are habitable and uninhabited. The most important city in the state of Hawaii is Honolulu, which has many amenities. Most of the state’s income comes from the tourism industry. Due to the good weather and many recreational facilities, many people from the United States and worldwide travel to Hawaii to enjoy the region’s beauty.

The life of the island’s original natives has changed dramatically over the years, and it is difficult to find the original Hawaiian natives after the region’s demographic composition. Many tropical crops such as bananas, pineapples, and sugarcane are also grown in this area. Beach sports are very popular in this area, and various local competitions are held there every year.

The climate of this region is temperate and humid, and it is a tropical region where snowfall is almost rare. Hawaii played an important role in the battles between the United States and Japanese forces during World War II. Several rare and special plant species live in this geographical area, and the diversity of vegetation in this area is one of its outstanding features. Like former President Barack Obama, many American celebrities have lived in the region and are taking advantage of the climate and its special facilities.

During its lifetime, Hawaii experienced a large influx of European immigrants who flocked to the region after its discovery. Now, many white Europeans and some Asians and Americans live side by side in the region. The religion is predominantly Christian, and Hawaii is the 13th most populous state in the United States.

In addition to English, which is the language of most Americans, Hawaiians also recognize the native language of Hawaii. The average income of the people of this state is $ 53,123, which is the eighth highest in the United States. Before Hawaii joined the United States, its political system was monarchical. Living in this area is a little different due to the special weather conditions, so if you plan to stay in this area, it is better to research more about its climate.

What are the benefits of buying a home in Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands complex has many cities and residential areas where buying a home has many benefits; numerous national parks and beautiful beaches are some of the biggest attractions of life. The variety of recreational and welfare facilities in the area allow you to make the most of your leisure opportunities. The cities of this region are very clean and quiet, and there are many job opportunities in this area.

As the Iranian realtors in Fresno emphasize, the distribution of facilities is not the same everywhere in the United States. If you want to live in Hawaii, it is better to consult with real estate experts. When buying a house, first of all, check the development plans of the municipality. If projects are to be implemented in the neighborhood, you should check what effect it will have on the future price of a property in the area and whether buying a property in that area will benefit you.

The central government constitutionally and centrally approves Hawaii. Anyone with a student or tourist visa can buy a home in the area, but owning a property is no guarantee of permanent residency in the United States. Then if you are thinking of getting permanent residence in the United States by buying a property in Hawaii, it is better to look for other practical and useful solutions.

Just as the bulk of the work of Iranian realtors in Beverly Hills is the sale of luxury and expensive homes, there are also many modern homes with special facilities in Hawaii.

How to Buy a Home in Hawaii?

There are several ways to buy a house in Hawaii. With a simple search on the Internet, you will come across various sites that introduce you to different neighborhoods and cities and allow you to see pictures of houses for sale and their prices. With the help of these sites, you can get acquainted with the various facilities of the main cities of Hawaii and the real estate price range.

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Just as in Colorado, Iranian realtors in Colorado are the most competent reference for finding your preferred home; in Hawaii, it is better to go to real estate consultants. The distance between the cities and the existence of different islands makes it a little challenging to find the desired house. The distance of the houses from each other complicates visiting the houses, and the presence of professional real estate consultants is a great help to you, which simplifies the procedure.

Just as the Iranian realtors in Delaware dominates the information of all the neighborhoods in this state, in Hawaii, you can get the special conditions and characteristics of the different neighborhoods that you may not be able to find out by talking to the real estate consultants.

Once the property is found, negotiations must occur between the seller and the buyer so that both parties can reach an agreement. It is better to transfer the property legally so that you do not have any problems in the future. For doing this, it is enough to take your photographer’s valid identification documents along with other required documents to one of the Hawaiian notaries. After paying taxes and funds, another rule is to register the house deed in your name. A Realtor will deliver the document to you in less than one month; the procedure maybe a little longer only if you have used a loan to buy a house.

How much does it cost to buy or rent a property in Hawaii?

As Iranian realtors in the United States emphasize, the cost of buying and renting a property in different US states is influenced by various factors such as local amenities, building materials, average rental rates, and property sales in the state and the seller’s wishes. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Hawaii is between $ 1,200 and $ 2,400; you can rent the same house in the suburbs for $ 1,200 to $ 1,900.

Large 3-bedroom homes in the city center are rented for around $ 2,500 to $ 4,000, and you can rent homes with similar specifications for about $ 2,300 to $ 3,000.

The cost of buying a square meter of a house in downtown Hawaii is $ 5,000 to $ 8,000, and in the suburbs, you can buy a building for $ 3,600 to $ 4,900 per square meter.

Iranian realtors in Connecticut emphasize that property prices are constantly changing. Then when you read this article, the prices may be slightly different from the time of writing, so before deciding to buy or rent a property in Hawaii, it is good to inquire about the current price from competent professionals.

What do Iranian realtors do in Hawaii?

The best Iranian realtors in Hawaii are exchanging luxury homes and villas and thriving businesses. The price of a home in this US state is relatively high, and due to the high cost of living, only people with a stable job and a certain income can afford it.

If you do not have enough budget, do not despair. Iranian realtors have access to official information resources and can introduce you to affordable homes. Real estate consultants are very persistent professionals, and until you find the house you want, they will introduce several items for rent and sale and will be able to make an appointment for you. You can most likely see photos of different homes on these people’s laptops and request an appointment to view the homes you like best.

What are the best cities in Hawaii for a living?

Iranian realtors in Irvine classify cities according to different criteria because these criteria may be different for each person. It is good to check the different neighborhoods and cities of Hawaii to see which one is more suitable for you to stay.

Iranian realtors in Arkansas or Iranian realtors in Northgate show to their clients is not comparable to Hawaiian homes because Hawaii’s climate and amenities differ from those of other US states. The best cities in Hawaii are:


This city, which is the capital of the state of Hawaii, is located next to the largest port in the state and is very important economically and politically. Large international hotels with many leisure facilities in the city attract many tourists every year and in terms of living conditions are also suitable for citizens living in this area. Thousands of tourists visit the area daily, and it is more expensive than many US states. The city is very clean, and during the night you can make the most of the open shops and nightlife facilities of your accommodation.


O’ahu is another famous island and city famous for filming an important part of the Lost series. Many people visit it every year to visit the filming locations of Lost. After the fame of the series, tourists have become an important part of the city’s income. There are various restaurants, shops, and stores that make it very enjoyable to live in.


It is the third most important island in Hawaii, home to more than 144,000 people. High towers, beautiful hotels, and modern houses are the main features of this island and its cities. The island is the second busiest and most populated area in Hawaii, and its welfare and educational facilities are at a good level.

In addition to these three islands and urban environments, this area of ​​Hawaii has numerous other residential areas such as Kaho’olawe, Lanai, Moloka’i, Ni’ihau, and Kauai, eight main islands of the state. Although the region joined the United States much later than other states, it has grown rapidly and become an important part of the United States. Not many Iranians live in this area, but in terms of welfare and living facilities, Hawaii is one of the most desirable states to live in.

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