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Living in a new country can have many ups and downs for every immigrant, and there is always something unpredictable that you did not expect at all. To be less surprised, the least you can do is anticipate the situation, ask questions, and study. Buying a home should be one of the meaningful experiences of your life. The United States has several states: Idaho, where you have to be more careful when buying a home due to the special weather conditions. In this article, we have gathered complete information about buying a house in Idaho for you. Join us.

About Idaho

Idaho is one of the western states in the United States with hard winters, but don’t worry. The Meteorological Agency is very precise and usually gives you accurate information about climate change, depending on the circumstances. Idaho has many small towns. The largest city in the state is Boise, which has a population of about 223,000. The young people in Idaho prefer to go to the bigger states as soon as possible and pursue their dreams. This region is suitable for you if you are looking for a quiet life.

Autumn in this area is very beautiful, and another of its strengths is the constant celebration and dancing in it. Every season and month, local and national festivals are cultural groups in the region, such as Indians, Latinos, or American national festivals. The people of the area also participate in these festivals.

The average income of the people in this area is about $ 50,000, which seems suitable for a normal three-person life. Streams, rivers, mountains, forests, and lakes are all-natural beauties. The people of this state enjoy a variety of activities such as boating, cycling, car racing, camping in the heart of nature, hiking, and cycling. In addition, people from other parts of the United States travel to the area for fun and enjoyment.

Idaho is the largest state in terms of area and is the fourteenth state in the United States. Its amenities are at a good level. There are high-quality schools in the area; However, it does not have a large and famous university, but you can travel to neighboring states to continue your education. Potatoes and wheat are the region’s most important agricultural products, and small industries are scattered across the state. The state’s early inhabitants traded in fur, but their numbers have decreased in recent years.

The facilities of the neighborhoods and cities of this region are different. According to Iranian realtors in Irvine, you should never buy a house in the United States with your eyes closed and not knowing enough.

Buy a house in Idaho

There is a small population of Iranians living in this state, especially in its center. If you want to be close to the Iranian community, we recommend that you buy a house in the center of Idaho. - Top Iranian Realtors

The best way to buy a home in the United States is to get a bank loan, for which you must first find a suitable job and prepare the necessary documents. Having a bank card is also required to get a loan, but if you take the time and go through the steps carefully, your financial capacity to buy a home in Idaho will increase.

For buying a house at a reasonable price, it is better to look for houses that have a longer life and need a little renovation, thus reducing prices significantly. If you are unsure about buying a home, check the area, and check the area’s amenities and security, this will make the decision easier for you. You can borrow up to two-thirds of the house price in many cases, which simplifies becoming a housewife, but the rules for receiving installments are very clear and do not take risks if you can’t repay; you will lose your capital.

US immigration law is clear: Anyone with a visa, whether a student or a tourist in the United States, can buy a home, but property ownership is no guarantee of permanent residency, so if your goal in purchasing property is to stay, you have no chance.

The cost of buying and renting a property in Idaho

The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Idaho is between $ 720 and $ 1,200, and you can rent the same house outside the city for $ 600 to $ 1,000. The cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city center is between $ 1,200 and $ 2,500, and you can rent a three-bedroom house in the suburbs for $ 900 to $ 1,500.

The purchase price per square meter of an apartment in downtown Idaho is about $ 1,400 to $ 2,600, and around cities, you can buy an apartment per square meter for $ 900 to $ 1,700.

Iranian Realtors in Idaho

Best Iranian Realtors in Idaho are committed, trustworthy and professional in their work; these people who have gone through the legal process and are licensed by the state government can quickly find the house you want. Always consult with Iranian Realtors about prices and transfer rules to not face financial losses, God forbid. A good counselor is not of a certain age, nor can the quality of a counselor’s work be determined by gender; it is only by the pursuit and commitment of a person that you can measure the quality of his work. If you find the home you want, leave the final registration process to the consultant immediately to get things done faster. Otherwise, you may miss out on many good opportunities if you move with hesitation and stress.

The best cities to live in Idaho

Some of the best cities to live in Idaho are: - Persian Dating App


The city is the largest and most important city in this state, home to Boise State University. The safety, cleanliness, and beauty of the towering trees of this region are among the well-known attractions of Boise. The Albert Suns American Football Stadium is the site of significant sporting events in the area, where people gather every year to watch matches. There are various shops, malls, restaurants, and cultural centers throughout the city you and your family can use.


It is a city of more than 50,000 people located in Bannock County, Idaho. Although not as big as Boise, this city has good amenities, and life is always flowing in it. The city people are engaged in services, agricultural industries, and small businesses and have a moderate level of income and welfare. There are a variety of American-style restaurants, cultural centers, and amenities within the city. People of different races live together peacefully and are busy with work and activities. Many of the city’s youth move to larger states, preferring to live in crowded urban areas to Pocatello.


The city has a population of over 80,000 and is one of Idaho’s most well-known residential areas. Life is quiet in this area, and in Nampa, people sometimes experience cold winters. Christmas decorations and celebrations are an encouragement to the people of the region in the cold winters. The small and friendly environment of the city becomes lively and spectacular with New Year celebrations. There are amenities such as school, meeting hall and entertainment facilities in this city. Beautiful nature is one of its attractions that has made life in Nampa very attractive.

Now you are very familiar with the famous cities of this region. We must say that the Iranians in Idaho are working in various jobs, and some of them have been living in Idaho for more than 40 years. If you plan to buy a house in this area, be sure to get help from experienced Consultants.


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