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Everyone who wants to immigrate to and live in the United States should understand the various states in this country and know their climate, cultural conditions, living conditions, and employment rates. Illinois is one of the most important and well-known states in the United States that Chicago is located in this state and is one of the most popular states in the United States for living. If you plan to live in this state and buy a house in Illinois, it is better to follow this article to the end before making any decision.

About Illinois

The state of Illinois is derived from an Indian word meaning good people. It is the most democratic state in the United States, which has always voted for pre-party candidates for the past 50 years. Springfield is the capital of Illinois and is part of the Midwestern United States.

There are 1.8 million immigrants in the state, making Illinois one of the most immigrant-friendly areas in the United States. More than 6,000 Iranians live in this region who work in various jobs and formed a small and successful community. The average annual income in this state is $ 62,000, a good income for a normal life. The economy of this region is very prosperous, and various industries such as publishing, chemical products, food products, metal products, electronic equipment, and transportation industry equipment are produced in it. Agriculture is also booming in some parts of the region, and corn and soybeans are the main agricultural products of Illinois.

Large and well-known international companies such as Boeing, Caterpillar, and John Dean operate in the region, and the state has a higher GDP than some European countries. Famous cultural and scientific centers such as the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Illinois, and the Loyola University of Chicago are located in this state. The existence of numerous higher education centers and quality and famous schools are other features of this region.

Several celebrities have lived in this state, and presidents Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who both conducted political activities in this region, can succeed with hard work and effort in this country.

Buy a house in Illinois

Buying a home in the United States has many fans, and many are planning to buy a home in Illinois for investment or immigration. They do not look at the way of investment. For Americans, the home is a place to live and a consumer good. Anyone with a visa can buy a home in the United States, and there is no legal prohibition on this, but buying a property is not a guarantee of permanent residence. If you intend to buy a property to obtain a residence permit, you should know that you have no chance.

Suppose you are a US citizen who can easily buy your desired home legally with an ID card and valid citizenship documents. In that case, other people can register the document by presenting their passport, income tax number, US visa, and ID card. Tax rates vary from state to state and are set by the local government. The buyer is not required to buy the property, and his legal representative can also register the document. - Top Iranian Realtors

House prices are high in the big cities of Illinois, and the tax rate in this area is higher than in the United States as a whole, which seems reasonable given the high income of the people of the state.

How to Buy a Home in Illinois?

Buying a property in the United States is not comparable to anywhere globally and has its stages. Those who borrow to increase their purchasing power can go through receiving the facility within one month, and sometimes the loan is repaid within ten days. The process of transferring the document and the property is usually done very quickly and less than 30 days after the final document is issued, but those who get a loan have to go through longer steps.

You have to find the property you want with the help of existing expert consultants, after negotiating and agreeing on the price, pay the tax and document transfer fee, and finally, after paying all the legal funds in a notary center, the property transfer work is done. There are various sites in English and Farsi in this state where you can see the houses for sale with full specifications and pictures. However, real estate consultants are still the best option for finding your dream home because of their access to information and experience.

As the Iranian realtors in Colorado emphasize, the needs of a family are different from those of students and single people. Then before you buy, determine what you expect from your future home to search for a home that can move faster. Budget is also one of the determining factors. It is better, to be honest with your consultant in this regard to find a suitable house for you with a more open mind.

In the article on Iranian realtors in Delaware, we emphasized that you can consult a legal advisor to follow the legal steps, especially if the property price is high. We recommend that you consult with your real estate advisor for the most detailed legal changes in Illinois. If necessary, get help from a legal advisor to make the job easier.

The cost of buying and renting a property in Illinois

The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Illinois is about $ 1,000, and you can rent a suburban apartment for less than $ 1,000. The cost of renting a large, three-bedroom apartment in the state city center is about $ 1,200 to $ 2,000, and you can rent a place to live around the cities for $ 1,000 to $ 1,500.

The price per square meter of an apartment in downtown Illinois is about $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. If your budget is limited and you want to have a large house, you can go for homes that need renovation; the price of these houses is lower, and with a bit of time and money, you can recreate it the way you like.

Iranian Realtors in Illinois - Persian Dating App

Best Iranian Realtors in Illinois cover a wide range of areas and introduce multiple sales and rental items based on any budget. Iranian realtors are the person you refer to as an expert to speed up the process, so it is good to be highly motivated and follow the advice of a consultant. In addition, when visiting a home, consultants usually tell the tips that can’t be read or heard in everyday conversations and on the websites. Suppose you are planning to buy a house. In that case, it is better to go to Persian language consultants, who fortunately are not few. It is easier to communicate with these people, and they understand your cultural needs more than others.

When choosing a mentor, make sure the ones you are considering are licensed and that they are probably the right person for you. Age, gender, and even education are not good criteria for identifying the best real estate consultants; experience, expertise, and a sense of responsibility are the most important things that distinguish a good consultant from the average.

The best Illinois cities for living

Here are some of Illinois’ best cities for living.


It is the most famous and largest city in this state, with over 9 million people. The existence of 8 metro lines and two large airports has facilitated access from this city worldwide. There are numerous cultural and research centers in Chicago, such as the University of Chicago and the City Public Library.

Sports are very popular in this city, and professional teams are active in various fields, especially American football. Chicago is one of the best cities globally for living, with its extensive amenities, restaurants, and shopping malls. This city is always awake and living in it is a dream for some.


It is the political center and capital of Illinois, with a population of more than 188,000. There are also many luxury villas in this area. Life in it is more traditional and is an excellent option for those in favor of peace.


Another famous city in the state with over one million is located almost in the state’s center and played a major role in the US election. This area has good amenities, safe, clean, and beautiful neighborhoods are the most important attractions for living in this area. Of course, in some areas of the city, the crime rate is high, and when buying a property, you should also consider this point to choose the best living place.


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