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When it comes to immigration, the United States is the first option that comes to the minds of Iranians because it is talked about a lot in various media. Its advanced facilities in the field of work and education are known to everyone. If you plan to live in this country, providing a place to live will be one of your main concerns, which depends on knowing the country’s exact geography and cultural features. Among the 50 US states, Iowa is less well known and less suitable for life. In this article, you will learn more about this state and its home buying strategies.

About Iowa

Iowa is the 29th US state to join this country and is located in the Midwest. More than 90 percent of the area’s population is white, and Christianity is its official religion. There are many small and large cities in this region, each of which has special living conditions.

Agriculture in this state is very prosperous, and the whole area is covered with beautiful fields. The state of Iowa is known for its beautiful homes and excellent natural environment for agriculture. In this regard, the production of agricultural tools and machinery in this region has greatly improved.

Corn is Iowa’s best-known agricultural crop, and many poultry farms are found throughout the state. The vast fields of the region are very suitable for the breeding of beef cattle, and for this reason, the meat of this state is of very high quality.

The people of the state believe in the American dream, and the cultural environment of this region is exactly expected of the United States. Iowa State University is famous for its educational facilities and high quality, and several educational facilities in the area.

Iowa has a population of nearly three million and an approximate area of ​​146,000 square kilometers. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers give this area a special beauty and help supply the water needed by farmers. In addition to agricultural jobs, the area’s people are engaged in semi-heavy industries and various service jobs. Des Moines is the capital of this region, which is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the region.

Iranian Realtors consider the region’s temperate climate and environmental beauty to be the most important benefits of living in Iowa. The inhabitants of this region have been living together for many years from different cultures. But more whites have led to their cultural dominance, and throughout the city, the cultural environments and centers belonging to this group are more visible. Not many Iranians live in this area, but you can find several Iranian families working and living in every city and corner.

Buy a house in Iowa - Top Iranian Realtors

Iowa home buying laws follow general US state law, and anyone with a passport can own a home in the country. Note that buying a home is not a guarantee of permanent residency in this country, so you should not buy a house to obtain residency in the United States.

When looking at the pros and cons of living in Iowa, analyzing the region’s top cities is one of the critical elements to consider. In the following, we will examine the most important benefits of buying a house in this area.

The most important benefits of buying a home in this region are:

  • Warm-hearted and happy people.
  • High cultural diversity.
  • Climate and nature diversity.
  • The constant economic prosperity.
  • High communication facilities.
  • High-quality Iowa internet infrastructure.

Also, this region has the highest standards, minimal censorship of cyberspace, and high living standards.

How to Buy a Home in Iowa?

The first step in buying a home in Iowa is to look at the amenities and accommodations of different areas. To do this, you can use the Internet and compare the homes for sale on different sites to determine the average house price in each area.

In the second step, you need to determine the budget you are considering to buy a house; borrowing is one of the options before you that will significantly increase your purchasing power. Getting a loan in the US is not a difficult task, and sometimes it is done in a few weeks; you have to assess whether you can pay the loan installments or not. US law is obvious in this regard, and if you can’t repay the loan on time, you will lose your home.

The cost of buying and renting a home in Iowa

In Iowa, renting a one-bedroom house in an urban area costs about $ 750 to $ 1,200. If you have a smaller budget, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in a suburban area for about $ 600 to $ 1,000. - Persian Dating App

The cost of renting a large three-bedroom home in an urban area of ​​the state is about $ 1,500 to $ 2,600, and you can rent a three-bedroom house in the suburbs for $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

The purchase price per square meter of apartments in the urban centers of this state is about 1400 to 1600 dollars, and the price per square meter of apartments outside the urban centers is about 900 to 1100 dollars.

Iranian Realtors in Iowa

The best Iranian Realtors in Iowa are for you who are Iranian and Persian speaking because it is much easier to communicate with them than others, and you can also easily discuss your needs with them. Finding a good real estate consultant is not a difficult task. With a little research and consultation with residents, you can find the right options. A good consultant has a lot of perseverance and pursues until he finds the right house for you. When choosing your consultant, try to go to an Iranian Real Estate Consultant in the United States who is well known and experienced, and you can see his hard work and perseverance to find the house you want.

The best Iowa cities for living

In this article, we will introduce some of these cities.

Des Moines

It is the capital of Iowa, which may not be as big and famous as Chicago and New York, but it has good amenities and an advanced urban environment that would be a great option for a normal life. There are many well-built and stylish buildings and towers in this city. The educational facilities are at a good level, and the people are warm-hearted and friendly, which makes life in Des Moines attractive.


It is located along the Mississippi River, which has contributed significantly to the beauty of the city environment and its favorable climate. The city has a population of more than 500,000, and the University of St. Ambrose and Palmer University of Chiropractic are two major cultural and educational environments in the area. Over the years, the Mississippi River flood sometimes causes damage to the area’s urban environment, but it is generally a clean, quiet city, suitable for family life and student education. Most of the region’s residents are white, and its population of blacks and immigrants is small compared to other parts of the United States.


It is one of the smallest cities in the state, named Persia, due to an Iranian’s active presence in the construction and development of urban railways in this region. About 2000 people are living in this city. If you are interested in living in small urban areas, this area is a good option for you, and of course, you no longer need to explain to the locals about Iran, your name is on the city, and someone about It will not ask you. The city is very small and, despite good living standards, is not as developed as in other parts of the United States.

Living in Iowa is a good option for those who care about nature and healthy living. You need to check if you have the necessary amenities and the cultural conditions of the area are right for you, or you can earn your expected income in the area and then make the final decision.


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