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Living in California is an excellent attraction for Iranians and is one of the gathering places of compatriots in the United States. In this state, Los Angeles’s city is most culturally similar to Iran, and Iranians have created a new life in this city through cultural integration. If you like living in an Iranian environment and close to your compatriots, but for whatever reason, you do not like living in Los Angeles, Long Beach is a good option for you. One hour from downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach is one of California’s most attractive places to live and has many job opportunities. If you plan to buy a house in Long Beach and stay in this place, follow this article to the end.

About Long Beach

Long Beach has a temperate climate, and the cost of living is relatively high, but in contrast, the income of the people in this area is higher than the average American. Unlike most of California’s coastal cities, Long Beach is not home to the wealthy, with only 3 percent of the city’s 250,000 residents earning more than $ 500,000 a year. The key to this city’s success, where crime rates are meager, is the breadth of commercial and industrial activity, which has made its homeless population much smaller than in Los Angeles.

According to Iranian realtors in Beverly Hills, this area’s amenities are less than the good neighborhoods of Beverly Hills for living. It has the culture of the middle and working classes. By the early twentieth century, Long Beach was more of a hub for middle-class retirees and the American West’s working-class environment, lacking Hollywood and Beverly Hills’ charms. One-third of the region’s population was over 60 years old, but the outbreak of World War II transformed the area and overgrew in the oil industry’s shadow.

Gradually, in addition to coastal and recreational functions, this area also found port and commercial use. The aerospace industry also played a vital role in the development of the city. Until 2006, built several Boeing aircraft models in the city. In recent years, many local employees of this international company have been working in this area. Toyota also has many workshops and factories in the area.

It is currently the 43rd most populous city in the United States and the second busiest port. The town is located next to a large oil field and hosts many tourists due to its tourist attractions such as the Pacific Aquarium, Queen Mary, the pier, and beautiful beaches. California State University at Long Beach is one of the largest California-based universities in the city. The quality of public and private schools in Long Beach is at an acceptable level.

Long Beach is very close to downtown Los Angeles and has good access to major highways, and is also popular with Los Angeles residents due to its tourist and recreational attractions. Many people choose this area for their weekends and entertainment; if you live in this area, you can always use these facilities.

Just as buying a property in Burbank is done with the help of Iranian realtors in Burbank, you can also get help from real estate consultants in this area to find your favorite home.

Buy a house in Long Beach

Many consider this city to be one of the most popular coastal areas globally, which is the right choice for families and those who enjoy dancing and music. The climate of this region is excellent throughout spring and autumn, and during the summer and June, you can have fun and relax by the beach.

Buying a home in Long Beach allows you to take a walk in the area of ​​Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach Boulevard, 6th Street, and Alamitos Street, and enjoy the artwork and art events that take place in this area. There are many local shops and boutiques in this area that can quickly provide everything you need. On the third Sunday of each year, the city hosts an antique shop and a unique collectible market that simplifies furniture and household items. There are many free metros and buses in the area, making getting to and from the place comfortable and cost-effective. This option is another benefit of buying a home in this area and living in Long Beach.

Iranian realtors in the United States are the best option to help you buy a home in this area. There are many lovely gondolas and attractive houses located in this area, the purchase of which is an excellent long-term investment for you.

Just as Iranian realtors in Glendale can help you choose the best home in Long Beach, you can also get help from them for better advice and selection.

How to Buy a Home in Long Beach?

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To buy a house in Long Beach, you can refer to Iranian realtors. Also, with a simple search on the Internet, you can find many houses. Buying a home in this area is governed by local California law, so Iranian realtors in California will be the best guide for you.

It is necessary to buy a house and transfer the document according to the rules to not face any particular problem in the future. Before registering the document, it is better to check the beach development plans because it directly impacts its end and price.

Suppose the purpose of buying a home in Long Beach is to obtain permanent residency in the United States. In that case, we should note that under US law, property owners will not be a reason for permanent residence, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain residency in the United States.

Buying a home in the United States is a long-term investment, and most people buy it to live at home and do not seek to make money that way.

After exploring the different neighborhoods of Long Beach, you should choose the right area based on your needs; at this stage, you can find your favorite house with a consultant’s help and buy it.

Document transfer takes less than a month, and if you want to buy your home through a loan, the process will be a little longer.

Long Beach has many different houses, and since it is not a luxury and expensive area, your hand is more open in choosing a home. You can legally register the property in your name with a US tourist or student visa; you have to pay the taxes and legal fees that determine in advance.

When buying a home, make sure the property and its owner do not have a legal problem with the document’s transfer; you can consult a legal advisor to ease your mind about the legal process.

Long Beach has more than 111 neighborhoods that make it difficult for you to choose, and you need to select your favorite area with an open mind and enough information.

Expenses for buying and renting a property in Long Beach

As the Iranian realtors in Irvine are the best reference for determining the housing price in this area, in Long Beach, you can refer to real estate consultants to know the house’s exact cost. The price of a home in this city is relatively high compared to the average in the United States. Still, it is not very expensive compared to the aristocratic coastal neighborhoods. The average housing price in Long Beach is $ 670,000, and house prices in the city have been rising over the past five years.

Iranian realtors in San Jose are the best option for finding a rental property in this area; in Lunch Beach, it is also possible to find rental houses with consultants’ help.

These people can accurately show you price changes with tables and graphs and introduce the best neighborhoods to suit your needs. The average rent in this area is $ 1,000 to $ 5,000, but some stylish villas also have higher rents.

Iranian realtors in Long Beach

Finding the best Iranian realtors in Long Beach is not tricky; look at the environmental advertisements or ask the locals.

According to Iranian realtors in San Diego, renting a property in San Diego is more comfortable than in Long Beach, and you may be able to choose the best options through websites. Still, in this city, you need the help of professionals. These people, who are familiar with your culture and language, will easily understand your needs and introduce you to the best options with the city database’s access.

Real estate consultants are hardworking people who do hard work to find the right home and negotiate with the seller easier for you. Real estate consultants are committed and professional, and you need these two features to find the home you want.

The best parts of Long Beach for living

Ethnic diversity in Long Beach is very high, and people speak Spanish, French, Irish, and English, the region’s official language. Different neighborhoods have their own culture and social conditions. As Iranian realtors in Laguna Hills can introduce these unique features to you in Long Beach, we try to acquaint you with the different neighborhoods of this area through this article.

This way, just as buying a house in Northgate is easy, choosing a home in Long Beach will be less complicated for you.


This neighborhood is one of the busiest areas of Long Beach, where nightlife and a variety of entertainment are always going on. Almost all tourists come to this area to better understand the city and get acquainted with its culture. If you want to understand the right culture and originality of Long Beach, it is better to buy a house Downtown. Access to public transport in this area is comfortable and reduces your travel costs.

Marina Pacifica

Marina Pacifica residents are mostly of Latin descent, and you can see the enthusiasm for life in every alley. There are various shops in the area, and you can quickly get around this neighborhood by bus.

Alamitos Beach

This part of the beach is more touristy and is a good choice for watching the sunset and enjoying the natural environment. You should not expect expensive beach facilities here, but it is a good neighborhood for an average life with good amenities.

In addition to these neighborhoods, there are other neighborhoods such as Belmont Shore, Naples, Bixby Knolls, Eastside Cambodia Town, Westside, Waterfront, and many other neighborhoods in this city, each with its living conditions. About 30% of the people in this area have a university education, and most of them are engaged in various service, industrial, and tourist jobs. In this city, you can access multiple job opportunities and build your life.

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