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The United States is a vast country that attracts thousands of immigrants worldwide because of its many job opportunities and sustainable economic growth. Immigrants have played a vital role in the development of the United States for centuries, and the benefits of the two have been reciprocal. If you plan to immigrate to the United States and live in this country, you should know that success is possible, but there is no easy way to achieve it. The first step is to choose the right place to live. Fifty different states that are not the same in terms of climate, culture, and distribution of amenities make decision-making difficult. Mississippi is one of the states that may be right for your life. If you are planning to buy a house and live in the state of Mississippi, you are recommended to read this article.

About Mississippi

Mississippi was the last US state to remove the symbol of slavery from its flag, and it has long roots in this regard. The state was home to Native Americans who underwent many changes after the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. The Mississippi civilization that formed along this river has a long history in the United States. This part of the United States is a place where the history of human habitation dates back to centuries ago.

The Mississippi River plays a vital role in the economy, lifestyle, and history of the people of this region, and its name is derived from an Indian term meaning the Great River. The state has a thriving economy, but poverty and livelihood problems are seen in many areas, which has become a historic problem in the region.

Mississippi University, Jackson State University, and Mississippi State University are the three major science centers that teach many students in various disciplines each year.

The population of blacks in this area is relatively large, and similarly, many famous blacks such as Oprah Winfrey gained fame and fortune from this city. There are more than 2 million people in the area, most of whom are Christians. America has a dark past in slavery, and the role of this state in it has been very prominent. These days, conditions have changed a lot in this area, and people live together peacefully.

The cost of living in Mississippi

To see if an area is suitable for work and residence, the first thing to do is compare the cost of living with other places. A double meal at a typical restaurant in the state will cost about $ 25 to $ 60. Also, the cost of public transportation in one of us is about $ 45 to $ 50. The cost of water, electricity, and other energy carriers in an 85-meter apartment costs about $ 60 to $ 250 a month. Unlimited 10Mbps internet also costs $ 30- $ 90 a month.

Buy a house in Mississippi - Top Iranian Realtors

If you are looking to buy a home in Mississippi, you can trust Iranian Realtors in the United States. You can also search the internet to get acquainted with homes for sale and determine the price range in each area. Buying a home requires patience, and the more homes you see, the better your chances of finding your dream home.

It is challenging to accept strangers in some Mississippi neighborhoods, and people do not like people they do not know entering their place. It is better to get help from your counselor to make the right decision.

How to Buy a Home in Mississippi?

The first step is to determine the budget you have planned to buy a house and discuss it with your consultant. Your purchasing power sets limits on neighborhoods and homeownership that make home searching easier.

Finally, from the neighborhoods where you can afford to buy a house, you should choose the closest to your criteria and visit the homes for sale in that area. Houses located outside of urban centers are usually cheaper, and houses need to be renovated with more discounts. Hence by choosing these houses, you can save money.

Once the home is selected, you must do the rest of the work in a state official home office. Payment of taxes and statutory funds approved by the local government is required. At your disposal, the process may be a little longer if you take out a bank loan.

The cost of buying and renting a property in Mississippi

The purchase price per square meter of an apartment in Mississippi is $ 750 to $ 1,600, and outside the cities, you can buy a square meter apartment for $ 320 to $ 1,300. Also, the cost of renting a small one-bedroom apartment in a city center is about $ 700 to $ 900, and outside the cities, with a budget of $ 300 to $ 1,000, you can rent a small one-bedroom apartment. The cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment in urban centers is $ 900 to $ 1,800, and outside the cities with a budget of $ 900 to $ 2,400, you can rent a three-bedroom house.

Iranian Realtors in Mississippi

The best Iranian Realtors in Mississippi are those who have a Persian-speaking consultant. Communicating with these people is easy, and you can easily express all your wants, needs, and limitations with them. - Persian Dating App

These people are fully acquainted with your culture and can quickly identify neighborhoods and suitable places for your life. Remember that effective communication is very important in the real estate business, so go to a consultant with whom you have a good relationship.

The best cities in Mississippi for living

Here are some top cities in Mississippi for living:


It is the most important and, at the same time, the state’s capital, which has more population than any other city in Mississippi. Agriculture is very prosperous in this area. At the same time, its urban centers have good cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers considered the benefits of living in this area. The people are warm-hearted and friendly, and the city, though not as prosperous as America’s top regions, has the facilities of a mediocre and normal life. If you have a good job position, you can easily afford living expenses, and your children can go to school in the city.

The city was founded in 1822 and housed Jackson State University.


Columbia is another famous city in Mississippi, with a population of over 6,000. This clean city is almost small and located in the center of the state. Its people are accustomed to living in small towns and engaged in various industrial and service occupations.


The city has a population of more than 12,000, and there are many small towns and settlements around it, each of which can be a good option for living. Although this city is not very famous and is not a gathering place for Iranians, it is one of the state’s well-known cities with good living conditions. The city’s recreational, educational, and cultural centers are small and can be easily used by residents.

Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the United States, which still faces poverty and low-income housing despite its economic prosperity and significant progress. Not many Iranians live in this area, but it has good weather conditions and good job opportunities for professionals and experienced people. If you plan to buy a house in this area, you must first find a good job and save a perfect amount to purchase your favorite house. Immigrants are not advised to buy their first home on credit as they may have difficulty paying the installments.


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