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The United States is a vast country whose vast expanse has given each state its own cultural, economic, and climatic characteristics. If you are planning to immigrate and live in this country, you should be well acquainted with the geography of the states. Then you have to choose a place to live according to your needs and circumstances. The first step to living in the United States after finding a job is choosing a place to live. Buying a home in the United States is a long-term investment that is an excellent choice to build in this country. Montana is one of the lesser-known states of America that may be a good choice for your life. If you are planning to buy a house in Montana, it is useful for you to know the tips in this article.

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About Montana

Montana is one of the largest states in the United States with the lowest population density. According to statistics, the population of cattle in this state is more than humans. This area has a beautiful wide sky that is very enjoyable to watch at night. It also has a wide geographical border with Canada, which Canada’s climate has also influenced. Long, cold winters may be one of the reasons why fewer Americans live in the area. Outdoor winter sports are one of the popular pastimes of the people and tourists of this region.

As we mentioned, the agricultural and livestock industry in this region is very prosperous and has a dynamic economy that is constantly evolving. Sheep breeding is another major industry in this region that is easily done in large areas of nature. The oil and gas and coal industries are very active in the area, and Montana’s tourism industry is booming. There are many natural parks and protected areas in the state, and hot springs are one of the attractions of the region that people enjoy in different seasons and watch the eruption. Montana is a mountainous region surrounded by towering mountains.

Horse breeding is one of the interests of the region’s people, and horse riding and cow breeding are the main pastimes of this state. The small population has made the locals relatively well acquainted with each other, and complex social relations are happening among the area’s people. The University of Montana is the most important educational center in the region, with students majoring in various disciplines each year.

The state is very advanced in health care, and good government services are provided to the residents. If you are looking for a quiet and progressive place to live, Montana is the right choice for you.

Iranian Realtors in Montana

The cost of living in Montana

Costs directly impact people’s lifestyle and quality of life, so before deciding to buy a house in any area, it is necessary to examine the common cost of living in that area. Montana is not one of the most expensive states in the United States. For example, public transportation costs about $ 20 to $ 30 a month. A dinner for two at a typical state restaurant costs about $ 20 to $ 60.

The cost of electricity and heating for an 85-meter apartment is about $ 50 to $ 160 per month. Unlimited 10MB of the internet also costs between $ 21 and $ 65 per month. As Iranian realtors in Minnesota emphasize, you should not rush to buy a home, so it is good to get enough information about the living costs of each area and its amenities to make a better decision. In the Iranian realtors in Missouri article, we emphasized that recognition is the key to success in choosing a home. If you have accurate information about the costs, the probability that you will regret your choice after the purchase will be significantly reduced.

Buy a house in Montana

The first step in buying a home in Montana is to set a budget. If you take out a loan, your financial capacity will increase, but you will also pay the installments on time. Bank loans are usually available in less than one month in different US states.

The distribution of amenities and services is not the same in all parts of the United States, so before making a final decision, make sure that the city you choose has the necessary living conditions. Then it is time to choose the neighborhood; if you look on the Internet on English and Persian sites, you can see pictures of different houses sold in different neighborhoods of the city and compare them in terms of price and facilities.

Iranian realtors in Michigan believe that the best reference for a home search is real estate consultants. In Montana, with the help of the expert opinions of these people, you can find your desired house faster and easier.

According to Iranian realtors in Illinois, you should not rush to look for a house; let the consultant introduce you to different houses to visit. Before making a final decision, consider the municipality’s development plans for your neighborhood, as they may affect house prices in the future.

Iranian Realtors in Montana

How to Buy a Home in Montana

According to Iranian realtors, buying a home in the United States is open to the general public and non-US citizens. Hence people with student and tourist visas can invest in housing, but buying a home is no guarantee of permanent residency United States. If you are planning to buy a house and get a permanent residence permit, it is better to give up your decision right now.

Buying a home in different US states is very similar; after agreeing on the price, the legal process is followed in a notary. Because state law affects matters such as the amount of tax you have to pay, and you may not have enough information about state and local law, you can consult a legal counsel.

Once you are sure that the legal process has been completed and that the previous owner is not barred from transferring ownership of the document, you can provide the documents required and requested by the notary public and proceed with the transfer of the document. These documents usually include identification documents with a photo and a certificate of payment of tax fees. The work is usually done in less than one month.

In the Iranian realtors in Maine article, we also mentioned that the administrative work procedure for transferring a document for those who received a bank loan to buy a house maybe a little longer. If there is any legal problem in transferring the document, you will face problems when selling the house, and you may have to go to court, so use your utmost care and try to make the most of the knowledge of real estate consultants.

The cost of buying and renting a property in Montana

According to Iranian realtors in the United States, property prices vary widely across the United States and depend on various factors, such as the materials used in the building, the amenities of the area, the cultural conditions of the neighborhood, and its location. As a result, announced prices might be higher or lower in some neighborhoods.

The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Montana is around $ 650 to $ 1,000; you can rent the same house outside the cities for around $ 550 to $ 800. Also, the cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city center of the state is about $ 1,200 to $ 2,500. You can rent a good three-bedroom apartment in the suburbs and towns for $ 1,100 to $ 2,000.

The purchase price per square meter of apartments in downtown Montana is about $ 1,300 to $ 2,000, and for about $ 1,000 to $ 1,600, you can buy apartments per square meter outside of urban areas. Iranian realtors in Kentucky emphasize that before the final exchange of property, be sure to ask the latest prices from real estate consultants so that you do not regret your purchase in the future and do not buy the property at a higher real price.

Iranian realtors in Montana

The best Iranian realtors in Montana can be found in commercials and consultations with local people. A good consultant is dynamic and persistent, and in addition to establishing a good relationship with you, he will quickly introduce you to the right items for buying and renting. He will not stop trying until you find the house you want. An excellent real estate consultant specializes in the local areas of his or her area. If you use Persian language consultants, it has the advantage that you can communicate with them more quickly, and these people are more familiar with the cultural conditions of Iranian life.

Iranian realtors in Delaware believe that age, gender and education are not good criteria for identifying an excellent real estate consultant, so do not get caught up in appearances as consultants and try to make decisions with an open eye.

Iranian Realtors in Montana

The best cities in Montana to live in

Iranian realtors in Hawaii suggest coastal areas as the best places to buy a home. The best cities in Montana have their special conditions for living. If you plan to buy a house in Montana, you should be familiar with the best and worst cities in the state for living.

Iranian realtors in Louisiana have reminded you that good and bad are a relative criterion. What is good for you may not be good for another, so prioritize your city and needs when choosing a city. Here are some of Montana’s best cities to live in from a public view.


It is the capital of the state of Montana, with a population of over 28,000. Helena is at a good level in terms of amenities. The people of this region live together in peace and tranquility. Low traffic, clean weather, and a secluded city are the main features of Helena for life, which is a good choice for people escaping from the crowds of populous American towns.


Montana is the most populous city in the state, with a population of over 180,000. This mountain town has beautiful winters and unique natural landscapes, soaring buildings, and beautiful apartments that will be a good choice for life. People called this city the dream city given to it because of the region’s beautiful scenery and natural attractions.

Montana is a good place to live if you are looking for a sparsely populated state with good amenities. The proximity of this region to Canada has made it strongly influenced by Canadian culture and has calm and polite people. Cold and snowy winters are perhaps the biggest weakness of the area you may want to consider before deciding.

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