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New York is one of the most competitive real estate markets globally, so owning a home in this city is not easy. Living in New York, one of the most progressive cities in the politically and economically critical world seems like a dream. But if you work hard and read a little about living in this city, not only can you live in New York even being a housewife in it is not far from your mind. Many Iranians work and live in this city, and in addition to having a successful life, they are an active member of the New York society. If you plan to become a housewife in this city, we suggest you follow this article to the end.

About New York

New York is so famous that it can claim that few people in the world do not know it. The various political, commercial, and entertainment centers of this city have made the events interesting for the whole world and attract many tourists every year.

The high cost of living has not made this city an ideal choice for everyone to stay in, but many people who want to progress in work and life start the city’s success path.

Hot and sunny summers and cold winters are natural features of this city, and sometimes tropical storms reach this part of the world. Immigrants have played a vital role in developing this city and are an essential and influential part of New Yorkers.

This busy city needs thousands of service jobs, and there are always good job opportunities available to people. You can work in the arts and crafts in any field you can think of, as long as you have the necessary skills and can beat your other competitors who want that job position.

The city’s universities are world-renowned and attract large numbers of students each year in search of learning. Making money in this city is not a difficult task. But to be successful, you must know the New York culture well.

Cost of living in New York

If you consult Iranian realtors in the United States, he will tell you that New York is a very expensive city, and sometimes the cost of living there is more than 100% of the average price in the United States. Due to your cultural diversity, you can find every street food and international restaurant you can imagine in this city, but it is not easy to buy them.

The price of a house in this city is very high, and a large part of people’s income is spent on financing their accommodation, as an immigrant you should know this and plan to prepare your accommodation.

Taxi fares in New York are high, starting at $ 3. Having a taxi in this city is lucrative, but it will not be easy for you to pay for it. Of course, New York’s public transportation system is very advanced, and you can use the bus and subway for about $ 2.

Having a private car in this city also costs a lot, in addition to insurance and taxes for public parking, you have to pay just over $ 430.

The best Iranian realtors in Washington with an average budget can soon find a house for you in this city, but finding a New York house is not that easy.

New York Home Buying Solutions

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You need to have good local knowledge to find your favorite New York home; finding a home in this city is not easy, and if a real estate consultant makes a sensible offer, we suggest you accept it quickly.

Iranian realtors Beverly in Hills will quickly show you the luxury homes of this city, but in New York, you need strong social relationships and a little chance to find your dream home.

The work of Iranian realtors in Georgia is much easier than in New York because competition is much lower, and the consultant’s hand is more open to working. If you have chosen to live in New York and are looking for a home in this city, here are some simple solutions. First, go to the sites and evaluate the houses in them, you are unlikely to find your house this way, but you can get acquainted with the price range in each neighborhood and learn more about different city areas’ characteristics.

Iranian realtors are another option that can help you; these people do their best to find your home as soon as possible; it also has a financial benefit for them to try. Familiarity with state laws and mastery of the city’s geography is a win-win that will come in handy. These people have access to various information resources that make it easy to find the home you want.

Steps to buying a home in New York

The process of buying a house in this city is not much different from other parts of the United States on paper, but if you want to invest in buying real estate, you should read more and use expert consultants.

First of all, you should know that buying a property in the United States is not advantageous to get a residence permit in this country. According to the rules of buying a house does not mean getting a residence permit; you intend to obtain a residence permit.

There is no difference between Iranian realtors in Washington, DC, and New York. They need to know how to use technology to be able to help you buy a home. Negotiating with a salesperson is complex due to the fierce competition in the job market and requires a skilled expert, so be careful in choosing your consultant. After searching in different neighborhoods, you will realize that you must specify your red lines to get the desired result as soon as possible to reach the result.

Iranian realtors in Maryland may not ask you what you do not want, but in New York, you have to figure out precisely what you do not want to get results faster. Once you find a home, things get easier. You need to go to the notary and register your desired home in your name while providing valid identification documents and paying the fees.

The cost of buying and renting a property in New York

The average cost of renting a one-bedroom home in New York is $ 2,000, and if you have a roommate, you can share that cost. You have to spend more than 120 thousand dollars to buy a house. Depending on the type of neighborhood, the materials used in the building, and the amenities available to you, these costs vary and may increase or decrease.

In the suburbs of New York, house prices are lower, and the advanced transportation system allows you to get to work and school during the day.

Usually, people spend 20 to 30 percent of their income on housing, which in New York may be a little higher and sometimes up to 40 percent of your income. Getting a house in New York is not an easy task, but it is well worth the effort as a safe investment.

Iranian Realtors in New York

The best Iranian realtors in New York have a high operation speed and make the house search easier for you due to the details and high order. Finding these people is not a difficult task. With a simple internet search or inquiry of Iranians living in New York, you can find Iranian realtors for yourself. Ensure that the person in question is motivated and accompanies you with all the steps of selecting and trading your property with high follow-up.

Good counselors always have answers to your questions and can find the best for their information resources. The good thing about a language consultant is that you can easily discuss your needs with them, and because of the cultural similarity, they will understand your limitations and wants. Honestly, discuss the amount of budget you have with your consultant so that he or she can guide you more easily. If you find a good case, do not procrastinate and say you have to think because you may lose the opportunity; in New York, you have to act quickly in making decisions.

New York’s Best Areas for Living

Contrary to popular belief, New York is not just a bustling city, but there are many mountains, forests, and lakes around it, and part of the state’s population make up of villagers. If you plan to buy a house in New York, you should be familiar with this city. Just as Iranian realtors in Los Angeles know the whole city or Iranian realtors in San Francisco are familiar with unsafe neighborhoods, you should know your information before buying. Find out more about the neighborhoods of this city. Here are some of the best areas of New York.


This business and economic center is vital, and its residents are prominent and well-known New Yorkers. The population density in this area is somewhat high, and the house price is also high. Manhattan’s fashionable and expensive penthouses are usually very popular. Living in Manhattan as a successful person can be fascinating and expand your social relationships significantly.


Brooklyn is a very old and well-known neighborhood of New York that many tourists must visit. There is a large population in this area; part of this area’s residents are black people with strong cultural ties.


The existence of two large airports in this area of ​​the city has doubled its importance. This area of ​​New York is one of the main parts of the city that accommodates many citizens. Immigrants inhabit most of the area, so its cultural diversity is unparalleled throughout New York. The people of color of this area are far more than the white people, and they manage the neighborhoods in their way.

Staten Island and the Bronx are two other parts of the metropolis that are very important and have large populations. Staten Island and the Bronx are in the northernmost and southernmost parts of New York, and if you plan to stay there, you should read a little more about their condition. Staten Island is part of Richmond, and the neighborhoods are very different in terms of amenities.

New Yorkers are proud of their culture and introduce their city as one of the most famous cities globally, but not all neighborhoods of this city have the same security conditions; as a family, it is essential in which part of the city you live.

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