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Having money and capital is necessary to buy a house in America, but it is not enough. To become a housewife in the United States, you need to identify the most culturally relevant area to you and, at the same time, meet your needs. Knowledge of the various states of the United States and relative mastery of the geography of this country is essential to achieve this goal. With 50 different states, the decision is hard, and you should not leave the right choice to chance. North Dakota is one of the most important states in the United States, which may be a good place for you to live, learn more about it in this article.

About North Dakota

North Dakota is a Canadian border state located in the Midwest. It is the 19th most populous state in the United States and has a high population density. The region’s economy is very dynamic and has a high gross domestic product. The state’s favorable climate has made agriculture the main source of income for North Dakota. It has also made good progress in producing a variety of cooking oils and technology. Rapeseed and flax seeds, which are the main raw materials for producing vegetable oils, are grown in this region in large quantities and with high quality.

This state has four seasons and is famous for its hot summers and cold winters. Therefore, in terms of climate, this state is very similar to Iran, and in this respect, it is a good choice for compatriots who intend to stay permanently in the United States.

North Dakota University and North Dakota State College are the two major educational centers with many students. Fishing and hunting are the main pastimes of the region’s people, and ice fishing is one of the fascinating pastimes in winter. Winter sports are thriving in this area, and life is always under the skin of this area. The original inhabitants of the state were several Native American tribes, and for this reason, several cultural museums are introducing these tribes in the region. Scandinavian immigrants later entered the area, and it is now a multicultural state where many people live in peace.

According to Iranian realtors, various amenities in this area do not distribute evenly. Living conditions in the small and large cities of North Dakota are not the same. If you are planning to buy a house in this area, it is better to go to bigger cities with more suitable amenities.

The cost of living in North Dakota

To see if a state is right for you, you should first look at the area’s average income and cost of living. For example, in North Dakota, you have to pay between $ 40 and $ 60 for a two-person meal at one of the typical restaurants in the city.

The cost of using public transportation is about $ 40 to $ 50 per month. The cost of electricity, heating, and other energy carriers in an 85-meter apartment is $ 95 to $ 290. Unlimited 10 MB internet is available for $ 42 to $ 75 per month.

Mortgage rates in the region are 4.17 percent, with a monthly income of about $ 3,000 per person, which is in line with the average American income.

In the Iranian realtors in Maine article, we emphasized that you must have good savings to buy a house, and if you want to get a bank loan to buy a house, you must repay the installments. Hence before you buy a home, you need to determine your budget, and if you can afford the average cost of living in this area, you can buy a home in North Dakota.

Iranian realtors in New Mexico believe that there are many job opportunities in the United States, and you can always find professionals in the country. Hence before you stay permanently, find a full-time job so you can live in your dream home with peace of mind.

Buy a house in North Dakota

Iranian realtors in the United States are the best reference for buying a house, showing you different houses to buy with complete knowledge of different parts of the United States. Before taking any action, you must determine your purpose for buying a home in North Dakota. If you are thinking of getting a permanent residence in the United States by buying a house in this state, we must say no legal guarantee. The US government allows all people to invest in the US construction industry. Anyone with a tourist or student visa can become a housewife in the US, but this is not a guarantee of US residency.

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Buying a home in the United States is a long-term investment that can provide you with a haven to feel more at home in your new home while securing your family’s future.

Iranian realtors in Kentucky made it clear that each area has its strengths and weaknesses. Making a complete list of these items and measuring them by your circumstances and needs will make buying a home easier. Housing prices in the United States have not changed significantly except during the Great Downturn, and investing in this sector is low risk, making buying a home in North Dakota a good and low-risk choice. If you are planning to buy a house in this area, it is better to go to more culturally compatible neighborhoods with your living conditions.

How to Buy a Home in North Dakota?

The process of buying a home in this state is not much different from what we said in the Iranian realtors in Minnesota article, except that a few local laws on tax rates are the same for buying a home across the United States. If you want to buy a house legally, it is better to consult a legal advisor.

The general steps of buying a house are that you must first determine your budget ceiling and see if you are willing to take out a loan to buy your dream home and pay the installments or not. Getting a home equity loan can help you buy a better home. Mortgage conditions in the United States are not very difficult, and the procedure is usually very fast. If for any reason, you have doubts about the financial ability to pay the loan installments, it is better not to go for a loan.

According to Iranian realtors in Missouri, buying cash is a better way to buy a home for immigrants who have just arrived in the United States while reducing risk and speeding up the transaction process. If you do not know enough about the future of investing in housing, it is better to live in a rented apartment for a while before buying a house and after you have gained enough knowledge to buy a house.

The cost of buying and renting a home in North Dakota

The cost of buying and renting property varies from state to state in the United States. Factors such as regional well-being, building materials, building strength, and newness effect prices. It is usually cheaper to buy and rent a property in the suburbs, and it is a better choice for those who have an economical lifestyle.

On average, it costs about $ 600 to $ 750 to rent a one-bedroom apartment in North Dakota. You can rent the same apartment for about $ 500 to $ 650 in the suburbs. The cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment in a city center is about $ 1,000 to $ 1,800, and the cost of renting a large three-bedroom apartment around cities and towns is about $ 800 to $ 1,200. Apartments in downtown North Dakota cost $ 750 to $ 2,500 per square meter, and you can purchase apartments outside the city for $ 900 to $ 1,600 per square meter.

According to Iranian realtors in Michigan, before buying a home, you should consider the area’s development plans where you intend to buy a home. Because the municipality’s plans for the region directly impact the future price of housing.

Iranian realtors in New Hampshire recommend that you research the owner and property before purchasing so that they do not have legal problems such as bank debt for exchanging and registering a document.

Iranian realtors in North Dakota

The best Iranian realtors in North Dakota can communicate effectively with their clients. Usually, Persian language consultants who are better acquainted with your culture and more easily communicate your needs with them are better choices.

In the Iranian realtors in Nebraska article, we mentioned some ways to find a good real estate consultant; visiting websites, consulting with residents, and seeing environmental advertisements are some of the ways to help you find your consultant faster. In addition, an expert advisor can speed up the process of buying a property and prevent you from making possible mistakes when buying a property.

Many people think that they can own a property on their own by visiting home buying websites, but in practice, they find that this is a specialty, and they have to go to professionals to do it. Hence if you want to get the best results as soon as possible, find a good real estate consultant first.

The best cities in North Dakota for living

Welfare levels are not the same in different cities in the United States, and large and small cities in North Dakota do not have the same conditions. Hence if you know the best cities in the state for living, the decision will be easier.

Iranian realtors in Montana dominate the area where they operate. As a home buyer, you do not need to be so keen on understanding different neighborhoods, but you should have an overview of working and living conditions in different areas.

In the Iranian realtors in Northern California article, we reminded you that buying a home is a big investment, so you need to make time for it. So here we are, trying to help you open your eyes by introducing some famous North Dakota cities.


Fargo is the biggest city in North Dakota, with more than 105,000; it has good amenities for living and has good connections to all over the United States and Canada. In addition, Fargo is clean and quiet and is a good choice for family life.


It is the center of North Dakota and is the second-most populous city in the region. You can find good shopping malls, restaurants, and amenities in the area. Bismarck is of particular political importance, and its inhabitants often have a good standard of living.


It is one of the lesser-known cities in the state, with a population of about 3,000. The facilities of this city are for living in good conditions, and you can work in all kinds of industrial and service jobs. If living in a city with a good climate and away from the hustle and bustle is your choice, Biola is a city that best suits your needs.

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