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Recognizing the United States as an advanced industrial country has many lessons for everyone. Still, those who intend to live and study in this country should spend more time than others to understand the geographical features, cultural conditions, and economic situation of different states. To succeed in work and life, you must take the right steps in life, which requires knowledge. Ohio is one of the most well-known and populous states in the United States, which is the choice of many immigrants to live. This article will introduce Ohio’s working and living conditions and share with you the key points for buying and renting a property in this area.

About Ohio

Ohio is one of the eastern states of the United States, with a population of about 11 million and 500 thousand people. More than 90% of the people in the area speak English, and Spanish is the second most popular language in the area. Its GDP is high and corresponds to many countries in the world. The state is mostly an industrial area, and in addition to several well-known fast-food chains, Goodyear Tire Manufacturing also operates in Ohio.

Like the rest of the world, Ohio has experienced periods of recession and rising unemployment but has always had industry and technology.

The official religion of most of the inhabitants of this region is Christianity, and of course, the followers of other religions are also free to hold their rituals. Many prestigious universities in the state, such as Heidelberg University, Wright State University, Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio University, Kent State University, and Cincinnati University, where students worldwide study in various ways disciplines.

The region has a humid climate, which means that, like most eastern states, it has hot summers and relatively cold winters. Chestnut is an important local tree that is very important for residents to preserve and protect.

The famous Wright brothers, who invented the first motor-controlled, heavier-than-air aircraft, were from Ohio, known worldwide for their aviation industry.

If you are planning to live in this area, it is crucial to understand that the amenities aren’t equal throughout the area, and you need to do a little more research to find a good place to live.

The cost of living in Ohio - Top Iranian Realtors

A dinner for two at a typical restaurant in the state costs $ 40 to $ 60. Also, using public transportation in the city costs about $ 45 to $ 62 a month.

The cost of electricity, heating and other energy carriers for an 85-meter apartment is $ 90 to $ 350, and for 10 MB of unlimited internet access, you have to pay around $ 40 to $ 90.

Buy a house in Ohio

Like anywhere else in the world, buying a home in the United States has a definite pattern. Since inflation is not very high in this country, housing prices do not experience major changes overnight. However, the conditions for buying a home will vary depending on the facilities and local conditions.

Do not forget that under US law, buying a home in this country is open to the public, and anyone with a student or tourist visa can buy a home. But there is no legal guarantee that owners can obtain a permanent residence permit in the United States. Hence if you are looking to get permanent residency in the United States, it is better to try other solutions.

The cost of buying and renting a property in Ohio

The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Ohio is $ 850 to $ 1,500, and you can rent one-bedroom apartments in the suburbs for $ 600 to $ 1,000. The cost of renting a three-bedroom apartment in the state’s urban centers is about $ 1,200 to $ 3,000, and outside the city, you can rent a three-bedroom house for $ 1,100 to $ 1,800.

The purchase price per square meter of apartments in downtown Ohio is $ 1,500 to $ 2,500, and the price per square meter of apartments outside the cities is $ 700 to $ 1,100. Housing prices are related to various factors, including building materials, building a life, neighborhood amenities, general housing market conditions, and changing prices. Hence before the final exchange of the property, it is good to inquire about its price from legal authorities.

Iranian Realtors in Ohio

The best Iranian Realtors in Ohio can find in commercials, local conversations, and websites. Usually, Persian language consultants are better choices for you because you can better communicate with them and express your needs. These people are familiar with the features of Iranian culture and are usually better able to advise you to make better choices. - Persian Dating App

We remind you that the final decision is up to you, so try to decide with an open mind and obtain sufficient information. The most important criteria for measuring real estate consultants’ dominance in the housing market is their ability to communicate and persevere. A good consultant is in constant contact with you and tries to speed up buying your home by introducing the various homes for sale.

The best cities in Ohio for living

Knowing the best Ohio cities for living will help you buy your dream home and not regret your choice later. Here are some of Ohio’s most important cities for living.


It is one of the best cities in America to work and live, just a short distance from downtown Ohio and the economically popular Cincinnati city. Dayton is strategically important to the United States, and Dayton University is one of the state’s most prestigious science centers.


The city is economically very important and prosperous. It is a famous American cultural and artistic center. The city has experienced large population growth, and perhaps one of the reasons is the existence of good amenities and numerous job opportunities. Cincinnati is very active in American football and baseball, and these sports have many fans in this city. You can see beautiful historical monuments in the city and a general view; it is a very good city for work and life.


It is the political capital of the state, with a population of more than 879,170. This area is very famous in terms of number and population density in the United States and is one of the most populated areas in the United States. Columbus’s insurance and banking industries are very prosperous, and so are the defense and aviation industries. There are many restaurants, shops, and various cultural centers that make it ideal for living.


Another well-known city in Ohio is Toledo, where Jeep is based. Toledo University is also very famous, and students are studying in its various fields. This city is a good choice for families and students, and the cost of education and living in it will not be too expensive.


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