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Living in the United States has many fans because of its good welfare facilities, dynamic economy, and abundant job opportunities. Immigrants from all over the world traveled to this country, chose it as their new home, and this trend continues. If you plan to work and live in the United States, you have 50 major choices and thousands of sub-choices. Yes, you can live in any US state or city; For this reason, you should choose with an open mind. Oklahoma is one of the states in the Midwest that has good facilities for work and life. If you want to know more about this state and study the living conditions and buy a house, follow this article to the end.

About Oklahoma

In general, this state has a dynamic economy, and its inflation rate is low compared to many countries in the world. The great geographical diversity of Oklahoma, which distinguishes it geologically, is spectacular. High plains, tall mountains, forests, meadows, and spectacular hills are its natural attractions.

More than 4 million people live in this region and work in various service and industrial occupations. People know this state as the “Land of the Red Man,” and its original inhabitants were Native Americans. University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of Oklahoma Medical Science Center, and Central Oklahoma University are the most important science centers for students studying in various disciplines.

The state’s public transportation system, especially the metro, is in good condition in major cities. People are very warm-hearted and often announce their readiness for a short talk on the bus and subway. Another attraction of this area is beautiful nature, which is suitable for nature tours, hiking, and various sports such as mountaineering. The interest in professional sports is in the blood of the people of this region, and they follow the competitions with enthusiasm in cafes and public centers. There are no harsh winters and unprecedented summer heat in this region, and its temperate climate is a great choice for Iranians.

Of course, there are hot summers in this area, but there are much warmer places than Oklahoma in the United States. Strong winds are one of the things that sometimes come to this area, and you should be careful about it. Finally, in Oklahoma, you can experience four seasons. If you are looking to live in a balanced climate with beautiful scenery and desirable educational facilities, this state is a good choice for you.

The cost of living in Oklahoma

Examining the general cost of living in this state is crucial to making a decision. You should consider the current general and current costs when buying a home in an area to make a better decision. A meal for two at a typical Oklahoma restaurant costs $ 22 to $ 55. Also, the cost of electricity, heating, and other energy carriers in an 85-meter apartment is about $ 80 to $ 240. 10 MB of unlimited Internet costs $ 35 to $ 90 per month. Mortgage rates in various Oklahoma cities are around 4.31 percent, and loans are usually made quickly by banks and financial centers.

The cost of using public transportation is about $ 25 to $ 50 a month. The cost of renting an apartment is usually about 30 percent of a household’s total income in the state, and the monthly income of people in Oklahoma is about $ 2,575. - Top Iranian Realtors

Depending on the type of job and income, the standard of living varies in different areas; however, even the wealthiest families have their limitations on spending, and they must spend wisely. Thus, you should examine the state in this regard.

Buy a house in Oklahoma

Before buying a home in Oklahoma, you should know enough about its different areas. If you are new to the US, the best option is to rent a house for a while and buy a house after gaining sufficient knowledge of the area.

Do not forget that buying a home in the United States is by no means a guarantee of permanent residency in the United States, and by law, owners do not have priority. US state law allows anyone with a visa, both a tourist and a student, to buy a home in the United States, but that does not mean they can live in that city.

Buying a home in the United States is usually low risk, and because inflation is not very high, prices will not change abruptly. Americans look at buying a home as a long-term investment that provides a safe environment for them to live in.

Usually, the distribution of welfare, educational and recreational facilities is not the same in different United States cities. Be sure to pay attention to this point when buying a house.

The cost of buying and renting a property in Oklahoma

The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Oklahoma is $ 700 to $ 1,200, and outside the cities, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $ 500 to $ 900. You can rent three-bedroom apartments in downtown Oklahoma for $ 950 to $ 2,000, and outside the cities, you can rent a three-bedroom apartment for $ 800 to $ 1350.

The purchase price per square meter of apartments in downtown Oklahoma is $ 900 to $ 2,100, and the purchase price per square meter of apartments outside of downtown is about $ 900 to $ 1,200.

Iranian Realtors in Oklahoma - Persian Dating App

You can find the best Iranian Realtors in Oklahoma with a simple internet search or in TV and radio commercials. If you consult with Iranians living in Oklahoma, they can certainly introduce you to consultants who are satisfied with their work.

A good consultant, first of all, knows where he works and knows the city streets like the back of his hand. After that, he is very enthusiastic and persistent and has many pursuits to find the house you want. The way a consultant communicates is also very important. He must have a positive and charismatic personality and patiently pay attention to your wishes. If you find such a person, you will probably find your favorite house very soon.

The best cities in Oklahoma for living

Here are some of Oklahoma’s most important cities and their general conditions.

Oklahoma City

It is the political capital and most important city of the state, and its people are staunch supporters of basketball. The amenities and the state of public transportation in the city are at a desirable level. Large commercial companies such as Devon Energy, a well-known oil company, are based in the city. Here you have access to four seasons and beautiful natural landscapes, and you can enjoy meeting good people. Oklahoma City is a clean and beautiful city with good facilities for family life.


It is the second most important city in the state. People who can get a telecommuting offer from the city’s reputable centers and have the US work visa can receive $ 10,000 if they have a full-time employment contract. Of course, this law has an important note: a person must be over 18 years old. Hence Tulsa is a city where you pay to live.

More than 390,000 people live in this city, and you can see beautiful tall and old buildings. If you are planning to stay in Oklahoma, Tulsa is a good option for you.

The state of Oklahoma is sometimes at the top of the world news for shooting, but generally, it is a beautiful, quiet and safe state where life can be very exciting. The cost of working and living in this state is average, and with a normal income, you can easily choose to live in different cities of the state.


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