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When you ask who has immigrated to the United States from Iran for many years about the best places to live for Iranians, San Jose is usually one of the first suggestions. More than 40% of the city’s residents are immigrants and always openly welcome new people, which is why it is one of the most popular places for Iranians to live. This city in California is large and has many job opportunities in technology; Hence it is not surprising that you want to own a house there. If you are thinking of moving to San Jose and buying a property in this city, it is good to read our article.

About San Jose

San Jose is a large industrial city with a larger educated population than most American cities. The city has a great deal of ethnic diversity, and all people live together in peace and tranquility.

San Jose is one of the cheapest cities in California based on the residents’ average income level. At the same time, the welfare and living conditions of the people in it are favorable.

There are good public schools in the city with good quality education, and San Jose State University is one of California’s most prestigious and quality universities.

Public transport is well available throughout the city, and you can also enjoy the excellent weather. Different job opportunities in technology companies allow you to have a fantastic job with a good salary. In this city, hard work is a well-established culture, and at the same time, people have their fun and entertainment. Working hours are according to the rules, and you will have the opportunity to have a good time with your family. If you work hard and prove your abilities, you have room for improvement in this city, and you can become one of the successful citizens of San Jose.

Buy a house in San Jose

Many Iranians are living in San Jose, which is one of the advantages of living in this city. The city’s size, different neighborhoods, and various buildings make it a little challenging to choose and buy a house.

From 1950 to 1989, the construction industry in this country flourished, and people remember many beautiful houses from that time. - Top Iranian Realtors

San Jose is one of the most expensive cities in the United States to buy a home, so to make a better choice, you need to know more about this city’s neighborhoods and living facilities.

How to buy a house in San Jose?

The process of buying a house is straightforward; first, you have to find your desired home based on the budget you have and according to your needs. The owner’s negotiation work begins; you have to be very careful and research that the property has no problem selling and exchanging. A realtor can help you negotiate and reach an agreement. Finally, if you want to buy a better and bigger house, you can get a loan, but in this case, the transfer of the document may take a little more than one month. After paying the necessary taxes and fees, you can transfer the document to an official and legal notary. Make sure all the steps go according to the law to not get into trouble in the future.

San Jose homes are mostly expensive, and buying them is an excellent long-term investment for your family. Suppose you intend to obtain permanent residency in the United States by purchasing a home. In that case, we must tell you that this is not possible by law, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain a residence permit by purchasing a property, so make an informed decision.

House prices in this city are always fluctuating, and in different neighborhoods, prices may change; getting help from a suitable consultant can be useful in preventing your losses.

Costs of buying and renting a property in San Jose

The US’s average house price is $ 257,600, and house prices in major US cities have been rising in recent years. The cost of buying and renting a property in San Diego is different from buying a house in Irvine. But the price range is close, but the price situation in San Jose is a little different. San Jose is one of the most expensive cities in the United States in terms of housing prices. The average house price in different neighborhoods of this city is 1 million and 250 thousand dollars, so you can’t easily own a house in this city.

The cost of renting a property is higher than the US average, sometimes as high as $ 10,000, given that it is an industrial city and its residents are often educated, have a good income level, and can often afford it. Still, if you are new to step into this city, you need to study more.

Some houses in the city need to be renovated, by buying them you can save your expenses and remodel the home according to your taste.

Iranian Realtors in San Jose - Persian Dating App

The process of buying and selling real estate is continually changing, and getting help from experts helps you stay up to date with the latest changes and make smarter decisions.

Indeed, you do not know everything about the terms of the exchange and the cultural features and facilities of the city’s various neighborhoods, real estate consultants are obliged to guide you in this matter. For legal work, you need to prepare a series of documents, and real estate consultants can give you the necessary information in this regard.

Be sure to ask your counselor any questions you have and ask them to give you a full explanation. The US states govern independently, and each has its local laws; advisors are always on the lookout for changes and are required to provide you with the necessary information.

The best neighborhoods in San Jose for living

Downtown San Jose

In downtown San Jose, you can attend music concerts and great theaters. Also, have access to various restaurants and leisure centers suitable for a romantic date or a tourist trip. This part of the city is ideal for leisure, work, and life.

The Guadalupe River Park is located in the city center and is 3 km wide; this place is the best option for walking along the Guadalupe River.


In this neighborhood, you have access to various art galleries and museums of contemporary and modern art in the city. You can easily buy works of art and handicrafts of this city’s residents, such as scarves. The passion of life is rippling in this place, and it is a good option for art lovers to live, and you can socialize with art lovers.

San Pedro Square

San Pedro Square is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, where the main market is in this place. You can enjoy the beauty of the neighborhood with your family and easily buy everything you need. A variety of restaurants are available in this neighborhood. It is an excellent place to live; of course, should note that tourists in this neighborhood are continually coming and going and having an active nightlife.

San Jose State University

The campus is vast, and there are student quarters around it where accommodation prices are very reasonable for students and people who have just arrived in the city. If you have not yet decided to live in this city, you can first rent a place in this neighborhood and buy a house after knowing enough information about the city.

In this area’s compact urban space, you can easily walk and access the university library facilities.

Silicon Valley is also home to many luxury and expensive villas, home to many tech-savvy newcomers whose companies operate in San Jose. You can find a whole new idea in the corners of the city and even in the garages. Companies are also operating that may gain fame and fortune in the future as IBM researchers made the first computer hard drive in the same city anonymously.


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