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Texas is one of the most famous states in the United States, mentioned in most Western movies. Work and living conditions in this state are at a reasonable level, and therefore, it is one of the most popular states for living. Many immigrants come to the United States to work and live better lives in Texas and have good living conditions. If you are thinking of buying a property in Texas and making a living in this area, this article is for you.

About Texas

Ten percent of Texas is desert and is known for its hot, desert climate. Contrary to popular belief, this part of the United States is not deserted but has many modern cities and a large population, making Texas the second most populous state in the United States.

Oil is one of the state’s natural resources, which has led to several jobs in Texas. Guns have licensed in the state, and individuals are legally free to defend themselves against theft and unauthorized entry into personal property with a firearm. There are many large farms and ranches in the state, on which part of the economy depends. There are reputable university centers in Texas, and some Iranian celebrities have studied there.

You may be interested to know that the people of this area are so interested in guns that they spend a lot of money on hunting every year and unique farms in this area raise wild animals for hunters.

Most of the state’s inhabitants are white, and Iranians are a part of this state’s society. Many successful Iranians work and live in this state and are a respected part of the community.

Various industries such as computers, petrochemicals, medical research, aerospace, and digital equipment manufacturing are thriving in this state, and many businesses are active in this field.

Major and important cities in Texas

  • Abilene, Alpine, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Baytown, Beaumont, Big Spring, Borger, Brownsville, Bryan, Canyon, Cleburne, College Station, Corpus Christi, Crystal City, Dallas, Del Rio, Denison, Denton, Eagle Pass, Edinburg, El Paso, Fort Worth, Freeport, Galveston, Garland, Goliad, Greenville, Harlingen, Houston, Huntsville, Irving, Johnson City, Kilgore, Killeen, Kingsville, Laredo, Longview, Lubbock, Lufkin, Marshall, McAllen, McKinney, Mesquite, Midland, Mission, Nacogdoches, New Braunfels, Odessa, Orange, Pampa, Paris, Pasadena, Pecos, Pharr, Plainview, Plano, Port Arthur, Port Lavaca, Richardson, San Angelo, San Antonio, San Felipe, San Marcos, Sherman, Sweetwater, Temple, Texarkana, Texas City, Tyler, Uvalde, Victoria, Waco, Weatherford, Wichita Falls, and Ysleta - Top Iranian Realtors

Texas Home Buying Solutions

You have many options to buy a house and invest in Texas; Iranian realtors in the United States are by your side to help you choose the best option according to what you expect from the house.

Like in the rest of the United States, foreigners in this state can buy property and even get loans from reputable banks to purchase housing.

You have to pay 30% of the property cost to the bank in advance and provide the loan you need. Texas state and banking laws are a bit complicated. It may be a little difficult for Iranians to buy property, so we recommend that you consult with a reputable real estate consultant and lawyer before taking any action.

It is essential to know that buying a property in the United States is not a guarantee of permanent residency and is not permitted by law to obtain a residence permit by purchasing a property.

How to Buy a Home in Texas?

The first step to buy a property is to get the necessary information in this field and choose a suitable place to live. If you have just immigrated to the United States, it will be difficult for you to find the right options.

To buy a Texas property, you must pay the costs associated with buying a stamp that reserves for foreigners, along with property taxes and attorney’s fees. First, select the desired city and neighborhood. Families should choose neighborhoods that have good amenities and reputable educational centers. Then you have to choose your favorite house based on your budget. After completing the initial steps and agreeing with the seller, you must go to the notary public and pay the transfer costs after submitting the identification documents and completing the relevant forms. Eventually, you will pay the house’s fee to the owner, and the document will be in your name for less than one month.

The process may take a little longer for people who are buying a home loan. Before signing the contract, be sure to read all its provisions and ask any incomprehensible part of you.

It is better to check before buying that the house does not have bank debts, and you do not face any particular legal problem to transfer the document. Finally, it is good to check with your consultant what the municipality and state development plans are for the region, as it will directly impact its future price. - Persian Dating App

Costs of buying and renting a property in Texas

The cost of buying and renting a property also depends on various factors. It depends on varies from city to city as well as neighborhood to neighborhood.

Factors such as the building’s amenities, your chosen neighborhood, the materials used in the building, the property’s age, and the seller’s conditions affect the property’s price. In Texas, three types of apartment, villa, and country property are available to buyers.

The property price varies from $ 400,000 to more than $ 1 million, depending on the number of bedrooms and the area. Investing in real estate will pay off in the long run and be a good choice for your family.

The cost of renting a small property in this state varies between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 in downtown areas. This price in suburban areas is between $ 750 and $ 1,100. Renting a large house with more than two bedrooms in downtown areas will usually cost between $ 1,800 and $ 3,300. In suburban and rural areas, the cost of renting a property is between $ 1,200 and $ 2,000.

Iranian Realtor in Texas

Given many realtors, choosing the best Iranian Realtors in Texas is complicated. It would help if you spent some time and research. Usually, the residents of the area will help you choose a good consultant. If you have never lived in Texas, it is a good idea to rent a home before you buy a property, and once you get to know it better, you will make a better choice.

There are many sites in the field of real estate sales in the United States, and for example, if you search for the phrase “buying a house in Arizona,” you will see several sites with ads for sale in Persian. It definitely can’t be selected through photos, but visiting these sites will help determine the neighborhoods’ price range and compare conditions and prices.

These sites make it easier to judge what the real estate consultant is saying. With a simple search of websites, Persian language magazines, and neighborhoods where Iranians live, you can find real estate consultants and, with their help, go through the process of buying your desired house faster.

Getting the help of experts always saves time and money, so using Iranian real estate consultants who are familiar with your culture and language is a wise and economical choice that will speed up your better purchase.

The Best Texas Cities to Live In

There are many large and populous cities in Texas, each with its conditions and facilities. Hence does the cost of purchasing and renting a property in different cities in Texas. Here are some of the best and most famous cities in the state so you can more easily find your favorite city to live in.


The discovery of oil has had a massive impact on the city’s prosperity, making it the most populous city in Texas and the fourth most populous city in the United States.

The city is connected to the rest of the world by port, and its advanced rail system makes it possible to connect across the United States. The people of this city are mostly engaged in jobs related to energy, air and space, construction, and production. Houston is one of the most lucrative cities globally and therefore has the best amenities and educational facilities.

More than 70,000 Iranians live in this city, and buying a house in Houston can be a good choice for work and life.


The rapid growth of Dallas has attracted a lot of attention. The people of this city are famous for their kindness, and its welfare and tourism facilities attract many to it every year. There are several shopping malls in this city, and it has a dynamic and growing economy.

Cotton cultivation is booming in the city, and its railway and oil industries are well known. Large, international companies based in Dallas have created a variety of job opportunities.

About 30,000 Iranians live in the Dallas metropolitan area and work in various industrial and service occupations. Buying a home in this city is a wise long-term investment because of its economic growth.

San Antonio

Some of North America’s largest oil companies are in the city. The climate of this city is not very stable, and sometimes you will experience the severe cold of winter in it. Most of the inhabitants of this city are Christians and Catholics. There is also an active and small population of Iranians living in this city. They have chosen this area for living due to the excellent living conditions and the climatic similarity of this region to Iran. The city has a growing population and is one of the busiest and most populous cities in Texas.


The city is well known to art lovers, especially music, and is known as the capital of live music. There is also a large US military base in Austin. The pharmaceutical and advanced computer industries in this city are very prosperous and have improved the city’s economy. An accurate report on the number of Iranians in this city is not available, and their population is small. Most Austin residents are of European descent and are immigrants to the area.

El Paso

The city is located on the border with Mexico and is therefore very important in Texas. El Paso has a famous university that has made it a student life. El Paso is a densely populated city and is lush and beautiful due to the Rio Grande River that flows into Mexico. Some of its inhabitants are Mexicans and Latinos. The city has a dynamic economy and is an excellent place to work and live, even though many Iranians do not live there.


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