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Washington is one of the most expensive parts of America for living. Still, it has become the first choice of many immigrants due to its high level of well-being, variety of job opportunities, and the possibility of advancement. If you are planning to buy a house in Washington, we have to tell you that you have a long way to go, and finding a suitable place to live in this city is not an easy task; it may challenge you a lot. You have access to everything in the area, from a small room and suite to multi-bedroom apartments and private houses for all tastes with different budget levels. Complicates the choice, by reading this guide you can more easily choose and make more informed decisions.

About Washington


Washington is the name of a state in the western United States with its capital in Olympia. This state is the cultural, political, and economic hub of the United States and is therefore of great strategic importance.

Washington is the second most populous state in the United States after California, with beautiful coastal ports and its ports being used for various commercial purposes.

The climate of this region is very changeable and experiences many changes in different seasons of the year. This area is one of the most touristic parts of the United States, which usually welcomes many tourists in the spring. If you enjoy living in a dynamic, bustling, crowded environment, Washington is the place for you. The people of this region are Christians and often adhere to their religious affiliation.

The state is heavily dependent on immigrant labor and capital, and its cultural diversity is high. Immigrants have done a great service to Washington over the years and have been instrumental in its growth and development. Most people in the area are white, with Asians, blacks, Native Americans, and hybrids working and living alongside them as a large minority.

Despite the vastness of urban areas in this area, you can also access the pristine and beautiful nature and enjoy Washington state’s natural attractions. The capital of Washington state is Olympia, and its major cities are Seattle and Spokane. There are urban centers in the area that accommodate a large number of adventurers who come to the area every year to live and work better.

Olympia and its major cities are Seattle and Spokane. There are urban centers in the area that accommodate a large number of adventurers who come to the area every year to live and work better. - Top Iranian Realtors

Washington State is the American wood industry hub, where all kinds of wood are produced and supplied. All kinds of agricultural products are produced in this city and fishing is very prosperous in it. Washington’s public transportation system is very advanced, and the means of transportation are very diverse. The subway is scattered throughout Washington state, making it easier to access everywhere. Buses are the second choice and available, but you can also use various taxis and rental cars to travel in Washington.

Buy a house in Washington

To buy a house in Washington, you need to prepare yourself and get help from Iranian Realtors in the United States. For several years, people who have lived in the United States and have reached a decent income level can usually own a Washington home.

Those who own a personal car must obtain a personal parking permit issued to individuals based on their residential address. Washington is constantly evolving, and old neighborhoods are rapidly becoming vibrant and young. Keep this in mind when buying a home. Also, decide whether to buy a home based on what you expect from the future.

Because the house price in this area is high, small apartments are usually very popular, and finding the desired house among them requires time.

How to buy a home in Washington?

Buying a home in Washington has its steps, which are described here.

  1. Calculate the monthly cost of living in the city, including travel expenses and bank loan installments to take a loan, food, and other necessary expenses.
  2. Determine what you expect from your favorite home and the number of bedrooms or space.
  3. Determine the exact budget you plan to buy a home and decide whether or not to take out a loan.
  4. Suppose you are planning to buy a home for your family. In that case, you should also consider the quality of schools in the area, the neighborhood’s security, access to public transportation, facilities, architectural style and spaces of homes, and access to shopping malls and restaurants.
  5. Finally, based on your budget and needs, determine in which areas you can afford to buy a house.
  6. Start searching the neighborhood and find your favorite home.
  7. It’s time to negotiate with the property owner. Check that the house and the owner do not have exchange restrictions.
  8. The last step is to pay the legal fees for the document’s transfer, and the property document must be in your name in an official office.

Y can do all these steps in less than one month, and if you get a special bank loan, it may take a little longer.

Cost of buying and renting a property in Washington - Persian Dating App

The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in a city center is between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000. The better the property’s location and the bigger the house, the higher the cost of renting it. The cost of renting a three-bedroom house in the city center is between $ 3,000 and $ 6,000.

The price of a house in Washington ranges from $ 800,000 to $ 5,000,000. In luxury and expensive neighborhoods, the cost of buying a one-bedroom home can be much higher.

Iranian realtors in Washington

Fortunately, the number of Iranian Realtors in Washington is very large, and you can easily access them. These people will easily understand what you mean because they speak to you and are familiar with your cultural characteristics, and they can guide you better than others.

If you choose your consultant well, the chances of finding your favorite house in the fastest possible time will increase significantly and will make the job of buying a property easier for you.

The best cities in Washington to live

Here we try to help you make a better choice:


Seattle is one of the most important cultural centers in Washington state and is known as the Emerald City. It is the center of trade with Asia, and its port is very important and is the fourth-largest port in the United States. This city is constantly growing, and buying a house in it is a good long-term investment.


The city has a population of more than 46,000, and although not as large as Seattle, it is of special importance because it is the state’s capital. The majority of the city is white, but many black people work and work and sometimes face discrimination. This city is a good option for work and living, but before buying a house, check out the different neighborhoods.


Spokane is the second-largest city in Washington state, located in the east of the state. Work and life are very prosperous and growing. Spokane is known as the city of lilac and has a quiet environment suitable for families and retirees.

With a simple internet search, you can check the crime rate in the neighborhoods of different cities, get acquainted with each region’s schools and educational quality, and determine the price level of houses in that region. Because the number of neighborhoods and cities is so large and makes the decision difficult, consulting a competent and competent real estate consultant can help you. These people have access to the city’s information system and can find the house they want faster than others. Suppose you intend to buy a Washington state property to obtain a permanent residence permit in the United States. In that case, we must warn you that the law does not provide a guarantee for this, and you may not be able to achieve your goal by buying a house, so before any action, Be sure to check the rules carefully.


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