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West Virginia is one of the best states to invest in housing and home buying, with beautiful natural scenery and affordable living. Choosing a place to live in the United States is not an easy task because the United States is a vast multicultural country with local laws and conditions in each of its 50 states. West Virginia is one of the states where some Iranians have chosen to live, and the population of Iranians living there reflects the fit of its conditions with our culture. If you plan to buy or rent a property in this state, reading this article helps you.

About West Virginia

West Virginia is famous for its coal mines and the extraction of this mineral. The mountains’ state is the nickname of West Virginia, which means beautiful mountains, hills, and valleys. Unlike most states, the ocean is not visible, and there are no beaches. The political capital and most important city of this state are Charleston, where most of the residents are supporters of the Democratic Party. This region people’s predominant religion is evangelical Christianity and is traditionally known as the stronghold of Democrats.

Although there are several dangerous cities in the state, its overall security index is in good condition and a good choice for family life. Living in this state has significant benefits, such as the possibility of enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and mountain recreation. The inhabitants of this region welcome different cultures and live well and happily together.

In terms of educational facilities, the state is relatively good and has a university that attracts various students in various disciplines. Nearly 2 million people live in the state who work in tourism, agriculture, and electricity exports and work in coal mines. West Virginia’s GDP is high, and its economy is relatively strong.

The area’s public transportation system is good, and subways, buses, and taxis are easily accessible throughout. If you plan to live in this area, we must say that its climate is subtropical humid, and its farmers produce beef, turkey and mutton, eggs, and dairy products. Music is very popular in West Virginia, and Irish and Scottish folk music is in this region people’s blood.

Principles and Strategies for Buying a Home in West Virginia

Buying a home should be one of the momentous events of your life. Virginia is one of the most important and fundamental states in the United States that always plays a key role in important political decisions. If you plan to stay in this area and buy a house, it is better to get help from a consultant to choose from.

This state’s slogan says that the people of the mountains are always free, so if you want to live in this area, you should be well acquainted with the people’s spirits and society’s dominant culture. There are different ways to buy a house. Persian and English language websites get acquainted with the average house rate in each region and get good information about their cities and neighborhoods. The number of Persian language consultants in the region is also large and allows you to find the best consultant for yourself and ask him to help you find your dream home to work faster and have a better choice. - Top Iranian Realtors

If you do not have a history of living in this state, our advice is to rent a place in one area first instead of buying a house, and after getting enough information from West Virginia, find the neighborhood and home you want.

Neighborhoods with more amenities, such as a gym, tennis court, and movie theater with international movies, are usually a little more expensive than others. The people of this region have access to good amenities, and you can safely live in one of the cities of this state.

How to Buy a Home in West Virginia?

The process of buying a home in this state is not much different from the rest of the United States; the first step is to search in your favorite city and neighborhood and identify the homes that are for sale. Having an excellent real estate consultant will take you a few steps further as they will have access to the city database and access to more homes for sale and rent.

Once you have found the right home, you need to negotiate with the seller and agree on a price, which is complicated and requires negotiation skills. Your advisor’s job is to execute the transaction at this stage and ensure that the seller and the buyer are satisfied with their transaction.

The next step is to take your photo ID with the other documents you are asked to bring to the notary, and after paying taxes and legal fees, officially register your favorite house in your name. For avoiding any problems in the future, it is better to work in official and legal offices, and you should do all the steps of exchange according to local laws. If you have any questions about this, you can ask your real estate consultant or legal advisor so that you will not regret it in the future.

Costs of buying and renting a property in West Virginia

Renting an apartment in downtown West Virginia costs between $ 600 and $ 700, and you can rent one-bedroom homes outside the city for about $ 500. The rent for larger homes, such as three-bedroom apartments, is $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

The purchase price of a house in the city center is $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 per square meter, and in the suburbs, it is $ 800 to $ 1,000. These prices are constantly changing, and as you read this, prices may differ from the time of writing.

Iranian Realtors in West Virginia - Persian Dating App

There are many Persian-language real estate consultants in West Virginia, leaving you free to choose. When choosing your counselor, regardless of age and gender, consider the dominance, passion, and pursuit of the person not to face future problems.

Real estate consultants should make that buying property in this country under US law does not mean getting permanent residency. If you intend to buy a house in this country, you should know that you did not choose the right way and there is no written law in this regard.

Introducing West Virginia’s Best Places to Live

A few suggestions:


The most important city and capital of West Virginia are Charleston, which provides good amenities to its citizens. The town is 182 meters above sea level and has a population of more than 51,000 people. The city has an international airport, and through it, you have access to various American cities. The economic and political importance of this city has led to various job opportunities in it.


It is one of the top 10 cities in the state to live in, which is very quiet, beautiful, and clean. Bridgeport has good amenities for citizens, and the cost of living and working in it is not so high. Therefore, the city has a relatively good security situation and is a good place for families to live.


Residential accommodation with relatively good facilities is located in this area, which is considered favorable weather conditions and other accommodation benefits, so it is an excellent place to live. If you plan to stay in this city, you should know that it is the state’s second choice and buying a house in it is a good investment.

St. Albans

There is a city with the same name in England, which was probably the reason for choosing this name. Prices in this area are slightly higher than in other cities in the state, but the town’s amenities and tranquility are definitely worth the higher cost. The inhabitants are mostly evangelical Christians and are religiously committed. There are good job opportunities in this city, and its GDP is at a good level.

There are many other cities to live in West Virginia. Vienna and Hurricane are some of these cities in good condition for living conditions and security and suitable for living. If you plan to buy a house or rent a property in this state, it is better to read a little more about other cities in the region to find the best place according to your needs and tastes. After that, things get on track, and with the help of a consultant, you can proceed to purchase the property.


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